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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 17, 2008 || 1:05 am

The parts I recall were stupendous.

Last night must have been a great one. I know this because I slept a thick and dreamless sleep, I’ve been unable to get enough water to slake my thirst today, and I just opened up Blogger to find that I wrote reams of gorgeous words about things like bear attacks and my father’s many adulterous affairs. Gorgeous, poorly-formatted words. I reckon even Drunk Beyond Oblivion cannot overtake the notion of criminality in hitting publish on something I’m not ready for teh world to see.

I was all, “I logged in to blog last night?” and then I saw that no, I indeed did not. It was at four this morning.

It all started as an innocent shopping trip. After I bought the bakery cake and had the bakery boy write Eat Me! on it in The Best Color Ever Invented…

bakery boy
:: photographic proof ::

…well, things just sort of got ‘wacky’. Maybe that’s all you folks need to know.

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  1. redclay 2.17.2008

    “Daddy kilt a bar. Don’t tell Momma.”

    I was right behind you. Drunk enough to tell stories, even if I was Speaking in Tongues. And most of those tongues were wind flappin flags, snapping out stroke addled vowells.

    Freee booze and phone numbers, though. Just goes to prove charisma and rhythym are more important than intelligiblity or cogent thought.


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