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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 12, 2008 || 11:16 pm

“What comes next in Project Mayhem?”

TESS: I think we should come up with new names for Doo-Nanny.

ME: Oh God, is it gonna be one of those weekends?

She smiled. It was right then I remembered I told her I wanted sparklers ( *!* ) on my annum celebratory cake this year. Of course it’s gonna be one of those weekends. We’ve already decided that at some point over the course of the festival, we’re gonna put a glitzy hat on D-SOLID (yes, his name is all-caps, just exactly like that) along with a cardboard sign around his neck saying, “NOSTRADUMBASS. Your Fortunes Told In Rhyme For A Nickel.”

We reckon it will take a well-rounded breakfast followed by a couple of hours of getting near-criminally polluted for him to do it, but eventually he will. I’m taking two spare sets of batteries for the camera.

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