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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 19, 2008 || 1:32 am

This is called ‘You Forgot…’

or maybe even ‘Were’

You, well….

You forgot.

You forgot to ask a question;

Not just any question, but a

Question that would reveal

Just one more piece of me

That –quite foolishly–

I tried to shove back away from your view

(Never mind you’ve the keenest

Of all the views, pff)

(And by ‘all’, I mean

‘All that ever in my life Were’.)

You forget that should

I pull out all the stops–

Rearrange time, move space

Come running with a scarf on my head and a

Bold lipstick on my mouth

–Should I do these significant things,

I’m not sure if it matters all that much.


You forgot that once I’d pressed

My palm to yours

There would be the loud

Rush of bees, my very own.

You forgot my promise, I know;

You forgot I would not press

My brazen lips to your own

Nor would we press

Naked hip to naked hip,

Sigh unto sigh (and back

To stuttered inhalation again)

Wait, I recall there would be

One other thing I could press upon you:

My gaze and, my heart be damned,

Anything that is not of

You would fall clean away.

Should you or circumstance chance to fuck it up,

That would be straight from

The Greek stage.

The chorus, though, wouldn’t be able to keep up.

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  1. chris robinson 4.19.2008

    Well, someone blew it. Once I had someone tell me they spent a year hoping I would make a move. I missed all the signs despite or because of intense loneliness and plain myopia. Bad enough to have missed; worse yet to learn of it when it was too late. The chorus of gods laughs; the chorus of mortals cries. Nicely done, as always.

  2. Oh! This one just breaks my heart. Jett, you’re lightning in a bottle and sometimes you unscrew the cap at the top. I’m always impressed.

  3. redclay 4.20.2008

    trying not to comment on this, Lord knows i was.

    but i been up. girl just left my house,and could it have been any better? sweet and gorgeous and wonderful. never any fun to see her off.

    and then this stuff you put up,and maybe i been drankin.

    maybe i have, i won’t lie. and it ain’t even summer, hardly even warum, no cause to feel this way.

    ima speak roundabout, drunk as i am, and trust you to understand.

    back when i was in a band, we had a lead guitarist, im not sayin he was any good but he got there. he got married,and hes got to play in the basement now. few times i heard him, he surfs. all by himself, a wave of sound, on right up on the edges,just above the foam, he rides the lip. just as happy and stupid as anybody with a radio up loud, and they can’t hear the tires screeching behind of them.now, when hes allowed, the bass is deep and nasty and he plays lead the same time. silver and telecaster bright. the last time, they asked him,and he drug me up. he’s bald as a egg, and if he don’t drive a minivan, its cause it was stole. i got blue eyes and everybit of my hair. but dockers and a golf shirt.a sea of skinheads and they didnt like it.

    and my buddy was scairt. horribly frightened of what i was gonna sang. i was kind of contrary when we was kids. could be the national anthem for all he knew. it was almost as bad. conway twitty.:”hello darlin”

    just. you know, angry.

    damn good thing he didnt strum that guitar,he didnt play it. he gutted it, he attacked it, he turned it inside out.

    i got to give him credit. those big wide eyes when i said “hello darlin.”.

    “we’re gonna die we’re gonna die”

    he hung right in there, though.

    the relief when i run right into “understand your man” was

    fun to see.

    the next time was not my fault. iwas drunk and hurting.

    and i tole him. you put me up there, we’re gonna get lynched.i tole him right up front. the mosh pits gonna shut down like i insulted they momma.

    “that’s how strong my love is”

    fuck these kids. if i sing it right tonight, she’ll hear it. the same moon hangs over both of us.

    he was drunkas me, tho. as fearless as he gets.

    he carved out the plank i was gonna walk. sweet as a first kiss. sweet and shiny as bubblegum lipgloss.

    mybe i had been drinking whiskey, maybe i had been smoking reds. just tonight, just this once. my voice was deep enough to get trapped in. oh, honey, if you can hear me at all.

  4. Coelecanth 4.21.2008

    This one strikes nerves apparently. No wonder, hard to be alive and not have been on both sides.

    It’s autumn here, the time of might have beens. I don’t wonder about the times when I chose not to take that half-step forward into arms that were only promises. Those folks I knew well enough to know what I was doing and why. I can imagine where I’d be now had I accepted any of those implications, maybe not accurately but close enough.

    The thing that spins my head is all the near misses that unlike RC I’ll never know about. I’ve been fantastically oblivious so often that the patron saint of fools and children has to contract out to keep an eye on me. There’s literally a world of other lives that I could have lived. Truly dizzying.

    Thanks Jett, lovely and thought provoking: a little zest on the pudding of my usual fall melancholy.

    Oh and Redclay: I really hope you don’t sober up and go wishing for the mythical “unsend” button. That was beautiful too.

  5. Jettomatika 4.21.2008

    you boys.

    you make it nice to be let in The Club.


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