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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 29, 2008 || 9:42 am

get it together, kid

I never wanted to be one of those jackass mothers who had to say things like, “If you don’t put that guitar down, then I am going to go into my studio, get the wire cutters, and snap every string on the grblebdisntfrng thing!” but the boy is failing Latin.

Well, he has a ‘D’, but in our books anything below a ‘B’ is technically failing when you have Great Brains.

He is failing Latin, this gorgeous, tall, hilarious sack of sixteen-year-old mess, and now I have to keep him from two things he adores: Really Smokin’ Girlfriend and Best Friend, Guitar. Because, as you might well know, they are the two main distractions in his life.

Let’s talk about Really Smokin’ Girlfriend, shall we? Suffice it to say she’s smart, funny, very attractive. She’s the first one that has, as yet, even pinged my radar….and a lot of giggly cheerleaders have marched their asses through our home.

Oh, never mind, let’s not talk about it; it gives me palpatations. It’s too early in his life for Sam to be so smitten, though.

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  1. Heh, the comfort being, if the gal don’t work out, he’ll write some great songs on his guitar. If his guitar doesn’t work out… and the gal stays with the man who’s not quite so rock-star anymore… she’s probably a keeper.

    Good luck to him finding a keeper at 16 though. I could barely communicate to the internet at that age… let alone a fully, living, breathing, thinking, female.


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