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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 21, 2008 || 10:40 am

more brain squiggles

(sometimes I think tiny, morbid thoughts when I am screwing up, like, “What if, when I am hitting the control-comma key combo instead of the shift-comma key combo as I was supposed to be doing to open that tag, someone somewhere is forced to suffer some physically painful injustice as a result?” I guess thinking things like that tends to make me a better typist. I think. Maybe.

Or maybe my high school typing teacher, the Immaculate Mrs. –in Mississippi pronounced ‘MIZ-ruhz’– Hughes, with her creamy cocoa skin and her forties pin-up* hair, did a royal number on me in class, somehow sneakily connecting proper striking of the keys with Negative Reinforcement and I just wasn’t psychologically strong enough to fend it off.)

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  1. RDB 4.21.2008

    What are you trying to do to us with that hanging asterisk in such a context?

  2. Jettomatika 4.21.2008

    buttons, pushing buttons

    you are so easy


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