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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 2, 2008 || 11:40 am

oh man, so great

One of my patients just said, “Best make-out tape ever: ‘Best of Bread’, side two.” Then he rolled his eyes orgasmically and licked his lips. This is all because the strains of ‘Baby I’m-A Want You’ were flowing through the speakers over our heads.

THAT is why I’m all about music, if you didn’t know. It signifies all sort of connection: To our own histories, to other people, to infinite feelings and places and moments.

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  1. skillzy 4.2.2008

    Close, but James Taylor’s JT always worked wonders for me. Well that, and my OARSOME powder blue Pinto, the Blue Flame.

  2. Jettomatika 4.3.2008

    Led Zep IV, baby.

  3. don 4.4.2008

    Yoor rite abowt myuzik making connexyuns.

    Eyem always amazed at witch peeces connek wit witch peepul.

  4. RDB 4.6.2008

    I like to listen to Norwegian doom-metal droning along at about 6 beats per minute, much of it in the subsonic range, underpinned by the ethereal howling of refugee women recorded in clandestine, then played back in reverse.


  5. Jettomatika 4.7.2008

    No wonder you can’t get laid.


  6. Suzanne 4.8.2008

    I’m far from a Phil Collins fan – but give me “In the Air Tonight”played over and over and over again (no need for a full album). Something about the tenderness and anger and love and rage all rolled up into that song gets me very…

    But then again – who needs music for a good romp?

    P.S. I’ve barely had time to keep up with life – much less the Life and Times of the Superiors! Glad I had a few minutes to drop in this afteroon.

  7. Coelecanth 4.18.2008

    A True Story

    I’m walking down the stairs. Coming up are two co-workers. One glances up and sees me…

    Chris: “Speaking of guitar players.” [gesturers to his right] “Alex here needs to get laid, how would you like to be in a band?”

    Me: [Blink, bink}”Ah, sure.”

    The End

    There’s no part of music and musicing that isn’t about gettin’ it on. Why do you think old J.S Bach had 12 kids?

  8. John Lee Hooker. And not because of the last name either. Boom boom!


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