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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 24, 2008 || 11:27 am

This week I’m answering e-mails that I’m tardy responding to. Some of them may make it here.

Friday is a half-day at work, but it’s very hectic. We see roughly the same number of patients as we do during a full day, but we go at a breakneck speed, like the last little sprint of before the weekend finish line.

Some days lately I feel like I am tethered to my life or my emotions and I’m being dragged rudely and willy-nilly behind either/or. On Friday last I felt like I was subject to both. Typically I am a pretty exuberant person; on days like I’ve mentioned I’m more stoic so as not to ‘infect’ others with my state of being. So on that particular day I had a pretty shellacked exterior.

The weather was really great and mild coming out of work; everything is in bloom now and that helped, because pulling into my street is an exercise in beauty. I’m singularly lucky in that the Avenue is exactly one block long and fairly gorgeous year-round, but especially so in the fall and spring. So that helped.

I pulled up to my mailbox, as is my custom, and removed its contents. I get excited at the prospect of mail, any mail, because I love surprises. When there is a magazine or thick envelope, I get doubly jazzed, because there are usually no strings attached to those.

I guess you might know by now where this is headed: I got the book last Friday. It touched me so much, your memory of something I find profound, your thinking on my well-being unbenownst to me as I went about my day, the delight of holding a new, uncreased book in my hands (this is one of my favorite! teeny! pleasures! of all time), the arrival of it on a really gut- and soul-grinding day. When I found the postcard tucked next to page one-forty-six, and the tacit reminder of hope wrapped up in the little phrase, “Look where the Christmas Tree hails from”, well….the tears tracked heavy, immediate and silent down my face. This was because you were heeding The Call which we’ve spoken of; you were providing Hope and also Confirmation, because that country feels like a flagging whim, Christmas leaves me buoyed and blissful like no other time and trees are just ‘my thang’.

You hardly know me at all, nor I you, but you recognize me and it is not at all uncomfortable. My faith tells me that the former has to do with God, but my gut tells me that the latter has everything to do with you, with who you are in relation to the world around you.

You are probably one of the nicest people I know. I’m thankful to God for you, beyond just your Basic Thankfulness. It is important to this world of ours that there are people of your ilk in it, shoveling good will against all the ick that is being willfully perpetrated every minute of every day. I bless you, with these words and with my prayers, and I wish abundance to you: In Faith, in Action, in Returns on your precious investments, most of which you probably don’t even realize that you are making.

I am lucky, so lucky, –and proud in a way I cannot explain– to call you friend, regardless of the newness or as-yet-to-be-found depth of that term.



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