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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 5, 2008 || 9:55 am

the speck that blinds

Getting excited is not an abnormal thing for me. Being greeted with the unusual, that’s pretty par for the course, as well. Being knocked for a loop by the unexpected, that’s odd. Last night’s events left me –and those that know me best– startled and grim and exhausted. Dazed. I just jumped in to help without thinking much about it. Sometimes things don’t go according to fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants plan. (Dear Bob Larson, hahhhhdeehah!)

But I slept like a fucking baby afterwards.

This morning as I pounded away, the pain that has recently settled in above my left foot’s arch melted into something else altogether, the music in my earbuds became a far away and near-dead pulse and all I was aware of were two things: There were the complex reams of words that wanted to coalesce into something greater than me and there were the steady droplets of sweat trailing systematically down the fine hairs that had strayed from under my ballcap and become wild, only half-hugging my blissful and strained face.

After moving and moving and moving, what was to have been this post was whittled down to its essential core, which is this:

I am a strange mix of the sacred and profane that astounds me.

I work out partly for the sense of accomplishment the strain brings, partly for the ensuing pain that brings with it pride in exertions and partly for the clarity that remains after my efforts have burnt away the chaff.

UPDATE, 5:11p: Today’s horrorscrape reads, Find some way to work out your feelings today — it shouldn’t be all that hard, really! Whether you’re talking things over with a friend or running a few miles to sweat out the stress, you should feel great afterward. HA!

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    You are human. Ain’t it glorious?


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