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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 3, 2008 || 5:59 pm

big gigunda linkdump to keep you busy for a minute.

Obama’s gonna help McCain win (courtesy of Matt). I vaguely recall voicing this prediction quietly to a friend many moons ago. Said friend was surprised that I had an opinion on anything political, much less backing facts for same opining. I am politically tight-lipped, not a complete retard. I just play one on this here weeplog.

Best-dressed: I agree with commenters, though, that it’s not really any more eco-friendly than the next garment if you’re using the disposables. From a design standpoint, though, this screams “SEX!” at me. As in, I’m totally hot for it.

I’m still playing NationStates after all this time. I am a nerd.

Triple Five Soul makes some of the best streetwear ever and right now has a fatly-stocked clearance section, check it out.

The Bureau of Communication helps you out in times of need. If you fuck up, son (and you will, homosapienbeing), and find yourself tounge-tied, why not present your apology with style and flair? There are other options, too, “_new”>Declaration of Romantic Intent and Airing of Grievance among them. So great.

If you haven’t yet heard of Black Hockey Jesus, WHY NOT? He’s still in his pandering, Whoring For Hits phase, but his writing has staying power and (DON’T TELL HIM, HE HAS BIGHEAD SYNDROME) I’m hooked. He offered me some virgins via e-mail. He really is as sick as his writing conveys. You will love him, oh delightful Muffinasses.

I’m busy finishing pieces for my Etsy shop, and am at the point where I’m about to work on opening it. I’ve been surfing the marketplace over there even more frequently than usual while WAITING FOR THE PERSON WHO IS COLLABORATING WITH ME ON DESIGN IDEAS FOR THE BANNER AND INTRO PAGE –sorry, did I go all bigfirmvoice on you? whoops– to hunker down with me about finalizing some design elements. Which tells you how I found this amazing shop, Made With Molecules, with these awesome pieces of jewelry (and one spectacular pillow)that I would maybe swap some child labor* toward.

One hippy trip might have positive, long-term effects. Nancy Reagan FREAKED EVERYONE OUT. It took a minute to get back around to intense, structured study of psychedelic pharmacology.

That trickster TheDane got a get well gift from The One And Only Mister Chuck Palahniuk. He was all name-droppy about it, too. GROSS.

Did you know that this site over here gives away a fabulous pair of designer shoes once per week? For free. I DID NOT, and if you did, WHY HAVE YOU NOT MENTIONED IT TO YOUR FAVORITE FOUL-MOUTHED SHOEHOUND?? Selfishes.

A sly, artful underscoring of the green perspective meets mass marketing. And it’s purdy, too.

This series juxtaposes the shifting, vaporous nature of man against the concrete, fixed nature of city. Wow. (link courtesy of redclay, that rakish bastard, who never updates anymore, so I don’t know why I continue to link his site)

Sometimes I get really cynical about the world. Then I see something as beautiful and simple and hopeful as this

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

and I remember the true nature of the heart God placed in me.
…in ALL of us.

Happy Fourth, y’all. Kisses and kisses and kisses.

*Mathias is young and obedient. Any takers?

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  1. Coelecanth 7.8.2008

    That Matt thing? It lifted me waaay up. Thanks for that.

  2. Jettomatika 7.10.2008

    i know, right? yaaaaaay!


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