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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 19, 2008 || 10:31 pm

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I’m kind of sorry that I’ve not updated, and kind of not. As always, there is lots going on up top and there are things of humor and some merit in my life to write about. No time, no time, though, because there is much of it to be stuffed into the sparse minutes I’m given each day (which, if I am fortunate, may just change soon; keep your fingers crossed for a development that I’m not yet prepared to discuss).

Four things:

+one of my uncles died last week. He was married into the family and was a real tool, so don’t cry for him (Argentina)(or any other nation, for that matter).

+another of my uncles is gearing up to die. Him, we like. Him, my mother is closest to. Him, was really good to me and Fred. Him, we will mourn.

+my favorite quote right now –and perhaps forever– is by Saint Augustine: “Qui cantat, bis orat,” or, “To sing once is to pray twice.”

+I think I’m falling in love with simplicity. Gently, slowly, but deep and hard.

That last little sentencey bit would make a great KY ad, yeah?

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  1. chris robinson 7.20.2008

    St. Augustine, as a yound man, prayed to God once for celibacy and sobriety, but added “just not yet.” With simplicity comes clarity. It is a lost art in this country. I need reminders, and so I read Thoreau every couple of years. Your sight is longer, and, yes, deeper, than most. Sorry about the losses in your family.

  2. redclay 7.20.2008

    somebody we like talkin to, somebody we like gettin nekkid with (same if we’re lucky), friends, family, good food, a hobby, a vocation,a roof, a reliable car, a bathroom with airconditioning, booze, and something that raises us up above all of these concerns.

    people forget how long the simplicty list is, and still how much unnecesarry crap is still piled on.

  3. Jettomatika 7.21.2008

    ’something that raises us up above all these concerns’

    it’s okay red, you can say ‘God’ here.

  4. redclay 7.21.2008

    i was shoehorning art in with God.

  5. RDB 7.22.2008

    Ah yes, God: He of the Infinite Capacity for Shoehorning

  6. Shamrock 7.23.2008

    I just got home from my uncle’s funeral, Dad’s brother, and I never saw so many people cry at an 84-year-old’s death. His wife died 7 months ago. Tough day.

    And that singing comment puts me in mind of another wee gifty . . .

  7. Jettomatika 7.23.2008

    Shammy! Stop sending me presents!

    At least until I’ve got the one I’m working on for you finished. Got that? >:o)

  8. skillzy 7.24.2008

    SPEAKING OF PRESENTS, how is my ceegar box coming along? Nicely?

  9. Shamrock 7.24.2008

    Whoops. Too late. Too bad.


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