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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 6, 2008 || 12:25 am

two three more reasons to love miss scout

she took a close-up picture of herself; in it she was holding a tub of chocolate icing next to her cheek. posting it online, she captioned it with, “i went to the store so i could bake a cake and this new sprinkle icing was $1.39 and the old none-sprinkle icing was $1.79. now, thats a deal”

she wears purple unselfconsciously. it is not in my power to do that. (thanks for the complex, dad)

a recent post reads,

people always hold back… why are you afraid to do what you love? i do everything i love and anything i take interest in. i may not be perfect or as good as anybody else and i may not do it the way others think i should, but i still do it. just because you do things a different way or you’re not perfect in what you do doesn’t mean you can’t do it. do what “you” love. don’t let others help you live your life.

it's hotter than it should be for june.
:: it’s hotter than it should be for june. ::

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  1. chris robinson 7.7.2008

    What a lovely person. You are blessed.

  2. RDB 7.10.2008

    Funny thing is, it’s colder than it should be for June

  3. Anonymous 7.10.2008

    chris: well, when she’s not being bitchy. holy hell, I can’t wait for puberty to be far ahind us.

    rich: sometimes the partiklars of an extreme don’t matter; just that there is an extreme. you know.

  4. Jettomatika 7.10.2008

    ANONYMOUS. er.


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