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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 18, 2008 || 12:13 am


I just want to start off this week with the declaration that my life is great. My life is great because –among other things– I have a kid that says things like this when I feel like the world and everyone in it are kicking me squarely in the ass at ten-sixteen on a Sunday morning:

SAM: You know what I do when I’m not feeling so great?

JETT: What is it that you do, kid?

SAM: I start singing Bob Marley to myself.

JETT: Which?

SAM: Three Little Birds. You know, “doan woory / about a ting / cos every little ting / go-nah be alright”

Of course I knew. I fell in on the harmony about three words in and then we both laughed. My heart was near-immediately lightened and I thanked God that in this crazy, fucked up world that feeds The Things That Would Be Ugly If Unleashed residing up there in my head, there is this magic boy and it was seen to that I’d have the immense fortune of getting to be his mother.

Though a bit of a slackerbait at times, he is a person of hilarity and grace and caring and judicious nature. I will be proud to unlace my theoretical hand from his one day and pass it to some young woman, knowing that he will be a fine man who loves her with all his ability; one who can inherently pick the exact perfect things out of the ether to offer her cheer and comfort and a sense of having someone solidly in her corner.

I just hope that a) the rockstar gig has paid off for him by then or b) he gets a degree first and can feed her in a respectable manner.

You people? Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alllllriiiiight.

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  1. Punk Rock Dad 9.5.2008

    Marley…..melts my face off. Slowly working my way backward through this site…and enjoying the travel.

  2. Jettomatika 9.8.2008



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