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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 16, 2008 || 11:34 pm

ode to x-acto knife

My exact favorite moment whenever I’m in my studio is the one where I get the first bit of anything smudged onto the tips of at least three fingers. Ink elicits the most pure sort of joy, but sawdust and epoxy and wire marks and beeswax and glue (gawdamighty the decadent selection of adhesives available to the modern woman!) all have their place, as well. Nicks and burns are in a class all their own, because then the materials don’t just float atop the skin, but nestle down to become a part of it for a time.

After this moment passes, my mind lapses into loose, concentric vapors of thought. These are often distilled down to a catch phrase of sorts, usually in about a half-dozen words or less. For instance, what I have written in black sharpie on my left palm Right This Very Now: the plans are not mutually exclusive. There are some that play around up in my head, snapping like ribbons in the breeze before loosing themselves to turn lazily in and over and around, looping and twisting, gloved in a tender wind. Tonight’s was, There is a terrible voice inside me that says, “WHAT IF THIS IS THE WARM-UP AND I AM NOT EVEN PITCHING THE ACTUAL GAME YET??(!)”

I’m thinking about making a set of nesting dolls with that exact question written across their seams, until the very last doll, the teensy inch-and-a-half one is left sporting just tensed-up punctuation. (HA, “you don’t love my words, you just love my tensed-up punctuation”)

Today I decided I’d just make little, simple signs that convey the things I love in as many languages as I can muster. For instance, “Me gusta punk rock y Jesus.” Of course I got the inspiration for this from a Sublime song, and now I’m obligated to tell you that I keep a little info sheet on each piece I complete. One of the things I write on it –really the only reason I ‘document’ a piece at all, surely– is the song that was playing when the idea initially hit me and/or I started working on it.

Which is why it should come as no surprise to you at all that I spent a portion of my week doing research and planning in my head how to go about opening a pie diner (breakfast pies! luncheon pies! pies of all desserty sorts!), and all because of a Patty Griffin song.

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  1. redclay 8.17.2008

    music eats me up the same way. back when i used to write serious, most often it was a song that triggered and sustained my typewrier epilepsy.

    sometimes it was so bad i had to put the song on repeat for hours.

  2. Jettomatika 8.17.2008

    ….that repeat trick is employed for teh secks0rs, too.

    Though I’m well sure you’re aware of such.

    Hey, red! How you been? I have news, and I’ll call you soon.

  3. redclay 8.18.2008

    nekkid time?

    i paid big bucks once,

    just to see a young lady blush and touch her neck. and blush like a house on fire. lookin crosst the crowd for me.

    her husband hates my guts.


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