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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 25, 2008 || 5:00 pm

she will survive the revolution, I reckon

JETT: How old are those Doritos, anyway?

TESS: They still taste good.


I shouldn’t be so damn persnickety. I remember some of the crazy shit I subsisted on in my (broke, broke, I was an adult and supporting myself, so very broke) college days. Also? That spate of months when I was a kid where we made it solely on mustard sandwiches roughly every other day. Funny, my father was intent on making us survivors before he left, but his leaving did more toward that end than he knows.

Thanks, Henry. Just because I don’t speak to you doesn’t mean that I don’t think there were valuable things that you contributed to my life.

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  1. Ellie 8.25.2008

    My friend Randy’s family’s sandwiches of choice when he was a kid were syrup sandwiches. Sometimes, it feels incredible to actually get to worry about how to pay the bills…. the internet and phone bills… Cause it’s all just a blink away, really…

  2. Jettomatika 8.25.2008

    Mustard was cheaper than syrup, so…

  3. MotherFury 8.25.2008

    You remind me that to this day, I cannot eat mac&cheese because back in the day, because of my own bad budgeting, I spent a solid 7 days eating nothing but. And I’m not talking the quality store-brand kind – I’m talking the Original Yellow Box Generic kind, mixed with powdered milk and no butter.


  4. MotherFury 8.25.2008

    ps: even still, Husband and I have agreed that should the apocalypse arrive, we would eat the dog(s), in order of fat content, followed by the cats.

  5. Jettomatika 8.25.2008

    I vaguely recall, a few years back, a spirited discussion on the eating of pets for survival.

    Maple will be saved by Ellie’s sheer lunacy; yes, Ellie could possibly be Skinny Shepherdkabobs.

    It’s her own fault, really.

  6. Jettomatika 8.25.2008

    (i meant that to say ‘…a spirited discussion over at your place….’)

  7. Maria 8.26.2008

    I have never used the word subsisted before. I must remedy that, being as I am currently subsisting.

    Old doritos = Still cool ranchy goodness.

  8. Jettomatika 8.27.2008

    This laydeh told me last year that if you put them in the microwave and zap them for like twenty minutes it “makes ‘em good as newww!’

    She has eleven kids. ELEVEN! I was all, “How in the hell do you keep chips in your cabinet long enough for them to get stale? YOU HAVE ELEVEN KIDS MILLING ABOUT.”

    Shit, between Sam and Mathias alone, Doritos disappear within seventy-two hours at our house.

  9. Jettomatika 8.27.2008



  10. that girl 8.27.2008

    I wrote something similar to Drunk Stepdad..it feels good to take the reins and decide what to keep.


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