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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 28, 2008 || 9:22 am

some loo philosophizing is better than others


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  1. Punk Rock Dad 8.28.2008

    The “Discuss” at the end…..F&%$#@G HYSTERICAL!

  2. Jettomatika 8.28.2008

    That sole word has caused armies of college students everywhere to quietly crap themselves on a plethora of exams.

    That was the bit that made it unique and funny to me, too.

    Plus, you can say swears here.

  3. Ellie 8.28.2008

    Agreed. Completely. My favorite loo graffito ever, as reported by my sister and co-blogger:

    Written at the bottom of the inside of the stall door:

    Watch out for the limbo dancers.

  4. ShamSeaWeedRocket 8.28.2008

    “Discuss” doesn’t scare only college kids. I was in a class at work a few weeks ago and they gave us a group exercise like that. It paralyzed a whole room of people whose median age was probably 35. What’s wrong with us?

  5. Greenday did it.

  6. Jettomatika 8.29.2008

    No one likes a know-it-all twat, Daniel.

  7. ShamSeaWeedRocket 8.29.2008

    Mmmmmmmm. Greenday. Brings back memories of that concert I went to three years ago 9/1. Best one I’ve EVER (EVAR EVAR EVAR) been to. It was good.

  8. Jettomatika 8.29.2008


    That’s like, my equivalent to your hatred of orange. I’m pretty sure.

  9. Coelecanth 8.29.2008

    Ah Greenday. Back in the stoned ages my band was suppose to be their local opening act. This was just before Dookie broke it for them. We ended up headlining the gig because those pansies, er, I mean, punk rockers took one look at the venue and bailed. Sure it was a little rough around the edges, but I mean, they DID take down the stripper pole before soundcheck.

  10. Seaweed 8.30.2008

    Wait just a second, missy. I said it was the best concert I ever went to , but they aren’t one of my favorite bands. At the time, they were good enough. But not my favorite. K?


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