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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 13, 2008 || 11:19 pm

another one of my character flaws

I’ve yet to learn how to say, “You’re so full of shit.” to someone without it sounding angry or like a total indictment of them.

Sometimes I just want to say, “You’re so full of shit.” to someone and it come off as me patting them on the head in an awwww fashion. You know, like you would to a two-year-old who’s potty training and has whoopsied in their pants for the third time that day. Just like that child cannot seem to control themselves and their urinary functions, some adults can’t seem to help being full of shit and I want to convey to them that while, yes, it’s okay that they are full of shit, it is not okay for them TO CONTINUE BEING THAT WAY.

That’s good logic, right? If a two-year-old can learn to stop pissing themselves (and is expected to, really), shouldn’t a grown person be able to learn to stop being full of shit? Or are my expectations for humanity at large just too far-reaching?

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  1. scott 9.14.2008

    I love the layout of your site. It’s interesting and wonderful.

    Do you have a feed? How would one find it?

    Hello, Jett.

  2. Jettomatika 9.14.2008

    Welcome, Scott. I knew you’d be showing up sometime. >:o)

    ( http://decablog.com/feed/jett_feed.xml )

  3. Captain Dumbass 9.15.2008

    You know those styro-foamy kids hammers with the squeak toy in them? I’d like to hit those people with that. “Squeak!” You’re full of shit!

    My feed reader absolutely REFUSES to recognize your URL. Whaddup?


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