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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 25, 2008 || 12:10 am

A thing of beauty is a joy foreverrrrr!

Laydehs and menfolks, I give you the Ibanez S2170:

Thin and sexy, with a burled poplar* front and naked mahogany back, she came through the door unexpectedly tonight; Maxim foolgrinned as he carried her across the room and presented her to me. Alas, she only came for a handful of hours and is not here to stay.

Made me appreciate playing with her all the more, I imagine. She was smooooth in that way all divine things are.

Now you: Show me an object of outright lust, a thing that drives you to crazy distraction. I’m often intrigued by the desires of others.

*the Poplar is one of my most favorite trees of all, did you know that?

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  1. cIII 11.25.2008

    Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

    Black Matte finish w/ Flames running down the Sides.

    My White Whale.

  2. Jettomatika 11.25.2008

    That’s one of the best wishes I’ve ever heard. Should I win the lottery, consider it yours.

  3. ramblerock 11.25.2008

    One of these:

    because I love riding, and they’re just gorgeous.

  4. chris robinson 11.25.2008

    A year off from work –funded — that left me the time I need to to read, think, and write. This thought alone leaves me salivating. (That is one beautiful guitar!)

  5. Susan 11.25.2008

    A tattoo from a really great tattoo artist.

  6. Seaweed 11.25.2008

    This piece. http://www.whitecube.com/artists/raqib_shaw/

    I have seen it in person twice now and there is no way to describe the incredible detail in it. There is also much more salmon and peacock to the colors in real life.

  7. Jettomatika 11.25.2008

    ramble: I haven’t been riding in ages! I love it as well; do you get to go often?

    chris: remember my drug-induced vow during the first few post-cankle days to ‘work on that book/screenplay/hone my writing craft”? oh, gack. but you are prolly far more self-denying and disciplined than me. it’s a lovely want.

    susan: where you live, girl? I know folk. folk who lay awesome ink. I could SO hook you up. but, I’m curious about what you’d have done?

    miss searocket: oh lord, how I love you.

  8. Captain Dumbass 11.27.2008

    Oh she’s pretty alright. Object of outright lust? I’m very lusty, it would be a long list.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. ramblerock 11.30.2008

    Sadly no, I haven’t been riding in a couple of years. Still gathering up the spunk to go back. It is a lovely sport.

  10. Suzanne 12.10.2008

    I absotively LUST for shoes… all shapes, colors, styles… it’s a sickness and I have yet to find a 12-step program to rid myself of this problem. (And if I could stop buying shoes, perhaps I could afford some fancy closet re-design to house them better!)

  11. Jettomatika 12.10.2008

    Welllll, who could possibly expect you to travel all twelve steps without some good shoes?


  12. Suzanne 12.11.2008

    oh how i’ve missed thee and thy wonderful sense of humor! :-)


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