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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 7, 2008 || 3:56 am


I will probably never, so long as I am alive, understand how I can feel so exhausted that I can scarcely function when I go to bed and then be wide awake a scant four hours later.

Off to fold clothes and watch old movies on AMC.

Which one of you is keeping me up? You need to dial your energy back about four clicks, thanks. The laundry is nearly caught up and I have no idea what Productive-Yet-Quiet-Thingtm I might do should there be no skivvies to square away.

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  1. cIII 11.7.2008

    Origami is soooooo, very Quiet.

    And, the Cranes, they’re quite Pretty.

  2. Captain Dumbass 11.7.2008

    Isn’t Martha Stewart the same way? Time to start building your multi-media empire. The skivvies can wait.


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