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|| November 3, 2008 || 10:16 am || Comments (3) ||

just right quick

I do have my opinions on what tomorrow will hold, but I’ve no desire to be a part of the hysterics swirling around, so I’ll just tell you that, as ever, I will vote the joint up tomorrow.

Mostly I’m just here to say that, no matter the outcome, I’ll just be glad to have it over and done with. I have some international readers that I correspond with on the regular, and they ask question upon question about what it is to be an American from my perspective. I’d like to give a brief summation on what I feel as of late: The last nine or ten months has been like being tied down and beaten with a rolled up newspaper. Annoying enough in and of itself, but imagine further that said newspaper is wrapped around a length of heavy lead pipe and then you’ll have a rough approximation of what it means to be an American right about now.

While you are waiting in suspense on the edge of your seats for the frenzy to reach its apex, I’d like to point you toward zefrank and a pretty decent discussion going on over at his place: Please, people, more like this. Next time around, more like this and less like the horseshit we’ve all been wading through this past year.

|| November 1, 2008 || 10:03 am || Comments (10) ||

recipe for jukin’

one part liquor

one part unbridled sexuality

one part musicks like this

shimmy until all ingredients well-blended

(pee ess, I won. There were, as I had hoped, a couple of dramatic, Law and Order moments. The last one, though, made me lose my carefully-constructed decorum. I said the sonofaBITCH word and the fuck word in the courtroom. I will tell you of all this in a bit, as life in general and social life in particular have been demanding attentions as of late. In the meantime, tell me what’s new with you!)