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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 3, 2009 || 12:33 pm

ever the optimist

JETT: If you don’t cut it out, I am going to punch you in the dick.

MAXIM: With your MOUTH??

JETT: *sigh*

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  1. greg and kris 2.4.2009

    Can I use this line? I’ll pay royalties … not with my mouth, though.

  2. chris robinson 2.5.2009

    This is a result of the training American males receive in Junior High. We just can’t help ourselves.

  3. Jettomatika 2.5.2009

    He is tragically funny, my Maxim.

    Still, it might just get him stabbed one day.

  4. Coelecanth 2.6.2009

    Hey, it works both ways. I read in a blog somewhere about a couple having a stupid arguement. In the middle of it the woman realizes that it’s a pointless, petty argument and she loses interest in continuing. She hauls up her shirt and says “Look, boobs!” He sputters to a stop and says “Good point.” Argument ended.

  5. Jettomatika 2.7.2009

    That’s very gauche.

    She could have at least said something creative like, “The girls just dropped in to say ‘Hey’!”

  6. cIII 2.8.2009

    fucking brilliant!

    Does it ever work, though?

    Looks like an additional page is going in the “playbook”.

  7. Daniel 2.14.2009

    And…. Ten points to the Max.


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