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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 14, 2009 || 4:10 pm


Typically I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is not because I am cynical or making a statement. I mean, I buy the kids a little treat and leave it by their beds for them to discover when they wake, but that’s really the extent of it. Maxim and I shared our first kiss on February eighteenth, so that’s really the milestone day –if one truly exists– in our relationship.

It’s like this: I love whom I love hard and with a slightly psychotically sentimental edge. I love everybody I love like it’s been pronounced that they each have a wicked brain tumor and could leave at any time. Not a panicked love, but a profound one. I don’t like being told that one day has more weight in the love department than any other, so I choose to ignore that Hallmark shit. Valentine’s Day is for third graders and their stuffed-full, glittered and doilied brown paper sacks.

Valentine’s Day is for goofy people like my friend CJ, who painstakingly make badges for the entire senior class that say “HAPPY VD” and hand them out to delighted giggles. “What?” CJ said, her green eyes wide, “WHAT??” She wasn’t the smartest cookie, but one of the sweetest and that made up for teh dumbs.

Valentine’s Day is also for daddies walking through the door, grinning ear to ear, and handing over a bundle of bright red gerberas to surprised daughters, just like my dad did this afternoon.

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  1. maggie, dammit 2.14.2009

    I think you love right.

  2. ramble 2.14.2009

    Tee hee. And here I thought your friend wrote “Happy VD” on purpose. I’m so mature.

  3. Ow. What a cute Dad! That’s awesome.

  4. Captain Dumbass 2.18.2009

    Your dad is pretty cool.

  5. Carolyn Online 2.25.2009

    Why didn’t I read this ON Valentine’s Day when I was walking around going, ‘What is the point of this holiday?” But now I see – it’s for flowers from daddy’s. Which is sweet.


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