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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 10, 2009 || 9:56 am

maple says hello.

:: maple, mah doggeh ::

….and as Official Muffinass Doggeh, she also wants to offer up apologies for your hostess’ marked absence as of late. She hopes that her cuteness is worth, like, TEN-THOUSAND words. Her personality certainly is, but you can’t experience that particular thing through your monitor.

For that, we here at Superior Industries are truly, truly sorry.

(I spent the weekend at Butch’s helping to make ready for this year’s Doo-Nanny! I can’t be sure, but I think I came up with the festival’s new tag line and have also been put in charge of the Puddin’ Hut. I think. Whatever. WASABI PUDDIN’, Y’ALL! COME HAVE SOME AT THE DOO!)

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  1. ramble 3.10.2009

    Maple is too cute. I’d say that in a more articulate fashion but all I can think is “aaawwwww”.

  2. cIII 3.11.2009

    Wasabi Puddin’…….

    That’ll go well with the Pork Soda.

    *Hi Maple!

  3. Coelcanth 3.11.2009

    Ok, so I may be a tiny bit abivilent about trail mix ice cream, blame my non-polictical upbringing if you must, but…..wasabi pudding? Gimme, gimme, gimmeeeeee!

  4. Jettomatika 3.12.2009

    See, you guys have The Spirit. On deck for culinary experimentation is chocolate-chilipepper puddin (at my sister’s request) and a couple-three more things that ’sound’ unlikely but that have me enthralled enough to believe I just may be on to something.

    “SAVORY PUDDINS”, our new friend Phil kept saying. So shall it be.

    pee ess, Maple appreciates the love and promises puppeh snogs should she e’er make y’all’s acquaintance.

  5. Captain Dumbass 3.23.2009

    Wasabi pudding? Nice. There’s a place here that sells wasabi ice cream.


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