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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 3, 2009 || 11:43 pm

all that swagger don’t cover the limp, fool

Winter apparently wants to keep her claws dug into this mountain. The mountain is fighting back for all it’s worth, though: The dogwoods are in ferocious and promising bloom.

“It’s not my winter anymore. Take it back.” That is what I said this morning. Out loud, standing in the middle of my overpriveleged closet.

Said, of course, because I now choose to believe the dogwoods rather than this faux winter that’s been spun for me without my active consent. I now –tardily– choose actively rather than receive passively. Take it back. It doesn’t belong to me, this winter, and I don’t know why I allowed myself to be made to think it did. Foolishness.

My body has been keeping the wrong time zone’s hours again. I have met this with less agonized consternation and more productive calm this time around. I’m learning, whether the fuck you are or not. The nicotine thing is harder to deal with, but overall I’m doing a sporting job of it.

I bought new watches this week; I’m armed and ready for it all, every bit of it.

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  1. cIII 4.6.2009

    I’ve written “Return to Sender” on Winter’s correspondence. The sleigh riding was awesome and the Ice was quite beautiful.

    But, now…..I’ve a powerful Lust for fresh tomatoes and Runner beans.

  2. Seaweed 4.7.2009

    Wait . . . what’s that about nicotine? Do you want my copy of the amazing book that changed my life?

  3. Coelecanth 4.10.2009

    I don’t understand why it would hang around when there’s a perfectly good place waiting right here for it. Send it to me, to me, to meeee, I’m so very tired of being sweaty.

  4. Captain Dumbass 4.11.2009

    Winter? I was gardening in my tshirt this week and I live in Canadaland.

    PS. T-shirt as in without a sweater or jacket on, not just a t-shirt because that would be a little weird.

  5. Jettomatika 4.14.2009



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