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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 14, 2009 || 1:54 am


I know that it is probably terribly environmentally unfriendly, but my very favorite adhesive is Omni-Stick. It withstands temperatures of up to two-hundred and seventy-five degrees, you people!

Also, I have as of late become a bed-maker-upper. Used to be, I was religious with the clean sheets but not much on unrumpling them, tightly stretching-cornering-tucking and throwing our ridiculously fancy comforter (who do we think we are, anyway?) and a mountain of amazing pillows on top of them on a daily basis. The past few weeks have uncovered my latent passions for an stunningly turned-out bed; apparently all this energy has pulled focus off of my blog. Whoops.

I have been withholding all sorts of catastrophic informations from you: A tree fell into my house (there are pictures! and great gobs of humor!), my estranged father is suddenly and startlingly All Up In My Grill, I won three dollars courtesy of the Georgia lottery, in Amish country they won’t even let you take a picture of their chickens (for fucksakes!), for the first time Ever In My Life a new tattoo scabbed and peeled and drove me crazy with the itch of it all. It’s (they’re, really…) not done being all new-tat gross and that’s why no pictures yet. Yet.

Stories –after all of our carefully-spent time together lo these many years– that I have yet to tell you include the one where my best friend from high school lived her life in a beautiful, philanthropic fashion but died at age thirty-three from skin cancer, the one where my ex-husband once abducted my children and I spent every minute without them near absolute madness, the one where I spent an entire (and grossly humid) summer terrified that the Son of Sam was coming for me (never mind that I lived in Arkansas at the time, and not in Brooklyn, where this would have made some sense), the one about how my cast-iron heart got broken in the most ludicrous of ways while trying to take my will with it and the one where my Aunt Fran wrote this amazing book with a theological bent that went unpublished because every print house it was shopped to regarded it with a businesslike sort of abject terror.

I guess you know by now that, given time enough, I will get around to the more delicate tales. Thank you for your patience while they find their legs and I chase shiny things of moderate consequence.

pee ess….Tess and I hosted an impromptu Easter egg hunt in Hobby Lobby last Friday. You should have been there, all yelling “WARMER, YOU’RE GETTING WARRRR-MERRRRR!” with us. Said yellings were of course directed at the very awesome cadre of staff who chose to get in on our funs. But then, why wouldn’t they? We gave prizes.

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  1. Coelecanth 4.14.2009

    Blog tease!

  2. Jettomatika 4.15.2009

    Would it hurt your feelings if I were all,

    “YOUR MOM.”


  3. Coelecanth 4.15.2009

    Oh, I shall kick our cat and weep myself to sleep if you were to say that. Well, I would if we had a cat and I was capable of sleep but…er…yah…good thing you didn’t actually say it.

  4. Jettomatika 4.16.2009

    If you had a cat I would kick it for you.

    But I’d never hurt your dog.


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