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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 5, 2009 || 12:04 pm

oh. my. GOD.

It appears that every comment ever left on this site in the last nine years has been eradicated by some unknown force in the universe intent on dicking me in strange ways that make me saaaaad.

Cross your fingers, Muffinasses, that it is some goofy hiccup and they are all recoverable. Though, obviously, –as I am a Technotard of the highest order– I have no idea as to how one would go about doing such a magical thing.

The comments were where all of the gold resided. I for real want to cry.

UPDATE, 3:19p: The unknown force in the universe was actually theDane doing some courtesy site maintenance. He got vigorous in his sweepings and pulled up flooring with the dirt. Everything’s nailed back down now. Thanks, tehDanes!

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