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what comes of my insides making an outside transition


:: pilette ::

This past couple of years I’ve been learning extreme lessons regarding things like desire and censure and polar opposition. Layers of my very steadfast faith have been stripped back to reveal something entirely different that I almost don’t recognize; it is faith still, though….just sort of, I dunno, transmogrified. Maybe it’s sort of frightening to me because for all this time, for the whole of my life, I have viewed that faith as (and maybe it actually has been) a fixed, immutable thing.

The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is my belief that you must be reckless with your faith: You should hold it loosely and strew it about drunkenly-but-reverently.

Pilette just sat brewing in me that whole time, two years and change, waiting to make her appearance. She oh-so-slowly came to life over the course of a few weeks last fall; I only just put on finishing touches this past month.