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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2009 || 11:21 pm

what if we could

If you could go any single place that you wanted to –no constraints or concerns or obligations– right this very minute, where would that be?

You play too, lurkers.

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  1. Coelecanth 8.21.2009

    I’d go to a sound and restful sleep. One lasting maybe 12 hours or however long it takes to wake up feeling refreshed. Ya, not in the spirit of the question but really I can’t imagine anywhere physical I’d enjoy more than that right now. Restless 2 year old and two weeks of sore throat don’t you know. If that sleep also featured a dream involving Gillian Anderson, Wynona Rider and Jodie Foster so much the better.

  2. Chris Robinson 8.21.2009

    I’d be in Dublin, a corner pub with a view to the street. Yes, Guinness and Jamesons would be involved.

  3. cIII 8.22.2009

    Campsite #24 – Great Smoky Mountains

    Bourbon in my morning Coffee, small morning Cook Fire, and trout on my line. Kids splashing in the river, just upstream. The Ms. sleeping in.

  4. Suzanne 8.22.2009

    At the moment, I’d like to be at my brothers house in VA. Our parents are visiting him this weekend… and I could use some QFT (Quality Family time) of late.


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