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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 4, 2009 || 11:23 pm

may I direct your attentions to….

I haven’t done this in a while, I know, but I’m throwing up a post just to direct you to someone else’s words. If you haven’t heard of Jenny the Bloggess then I don’t understand how this has happened. Do you not have a head, tender reader? Because how on Earth did it get past you when Jenny is the guy who took on William Shatner in the badlands of Twitter and made him holler uncle? Jenny wears confidence wigs! Jenny has friends that carry around things like Judy Garland Trail Mix! Jenny blogs about zombies and cat mittens (that is, mittens made from whole, dead cats) and I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I’m sure she believes in the existence of the chupacabra. At the very least: She has boobs and a sense of humor; don’t all you people love that sort of thing? GAH.

Ahem. Now, go on over and read this epically gorgeous thing she has shakingly offered up to you. But then go one further, if I can impose upon you just a little bit more:

Dig into the comments, as well. There’s a whole novel, a whole symphony, a whole creation in there so twisted and beautiful and vibrant that I couldn’t skip even a single one.

I would love to see Jenny read this at BlogHer and I’d love to see it accompanied by her commenters words playing behind her on a screen. That shit would bring the house all the way down, and in the best possible of ways.

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  1. Trout Towers 10.6.2009

    You know, when we start blogging, we may secretly be hoping to be discovered. And then we realize we’ve been discovered by our peers, and that our peers are like us. And that? Is worth blogging for.

  2. Jettomatika 10.8.2009

    I was only hoping to save myself some therapy bills and keep my chops up.

    Lots of really incredible things have happened in the ten years since those meager aims occurred to me.

    So, yes.

  3. Bejewell 10.12.2009

    Who doesn’t love the Bloggess? If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t, I want their name and address so I can kick them in the pants. She is tres awesomeness.


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