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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 13, 2009 || 1:19 am

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There are about forty-eight paragraphs that I’ve been pounding away at all night, but I finally closed that window –with piece, of course, unfinished– so that I could tell you the much more pressing news of how Mathias spent the entirety of one sick morning carefully cobbling together Legos into the shape of Mario and Luigi from Mario Brothers. Then he did an accompanying set (pretty much to scale!) of game elements. For instance, there were all the relevant mushrooms: A Power-Up, a 1-Up, Poison, Super Mega, Life, etc.

Just when I thought he was putting the finishing touches on his project, he marched out a Sharpie, carefully inked solid question marks on paper, painstakingly cut them out and scotch-taped the punctuation to little rectangles of wall constructed in solid colors.

He wanted to do the Princess and a fire flower and some other brainy-kid shit, but his fever kicked in and was quickly followed by meds knocking him out. Oh well, this is why we live….to create one more again when given the opportunity of a fresh head and ample sunlight.

Mathias and his World-Famous Expressive Foot
:: mathias and his world-famous expressive foot ::

Did you know that Lego Robotics is an actual curriculum that my actual kid is involved in at his actual school?? Did you know that there was such a thing as a Lego Master Builder? How gorgeous a world is it, that will allow us such possibilities? Where will these possibilities take this complex boy overflowing with the impetus toward creativity?

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  1. cIII 10.13.2009

    All I had was a three fingered Industrial Arts teacher.

    A guy I used to play soccer with is an Explosives Engineer. He used to tell me tales-over post-game beers and shots-of his job. And I? I would sit glumly, wondering why no one with any sense ever grabbed me and said…”Look here you little shit. Study hard, pay attention, lay off the drugs/booze, and maybe you can blow shit up for a living.

    Kids these days. It’s a beautiful World for kids theses days.

  2. Holmes 10.13.2009

    Create create create and create some more. I’m fucking awed. That is all.

  3. the weirdgirl 10.20.2009

    The cultural impact of Mario bros and Legos is awesome and pervasive. Build your worlds, little man!

  4. Jettomatika 10.22.2009

    These comments give me the notion that I should run and fetch some pompons.

    I need to take a poll on what the Muffinass colors should be, for future reference and all.


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