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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 17, 2009 || 12:07 am

i was made for loving you baby / you were made for loving meeee

The first time I got married, my ever-the-optimist friend Jac singsonged, “Ohhhh, it’s as if all your dreams are coming true to-daaay.”

It was then that my other friend, Alex the Pragmatist, dryly pronounced, “Yeah, if all your dreams include having an evil she-douche as a mother-in-law.” She thumbed in the general direction of the sphere of ungodliness where said evil she-douche was hovering (likely busying herself, of course, with the process of mentally running numbers on the degree to which her every sense had been offended in the preceding five to eight hours).

That Alex, she sure knew how to script an ending.

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Hey, said the curiously unsubtle voyueurnal hostess, speaking of scripting endings, I’ve put my story wrap up over on Polite Fictions.

If you know me even a little bit at all, you will recall with an effortless amount of lucidity that I either burn bridges or leave ends all loose and twisting in the wind. I am fair turrrble at endings, lending no subtlety to them whatsoever. But wait, that’s in (what I perceive as) ‘real’ life. You go be the judge as to whether or not this is a pattern that bears out in my fictional endeavors, as well.

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  1. Adam P. Knave 11.17.2009

    You are not, judging from that ending, terrible at endings at all.

  2. Bejewell 11.19.2009

    You know what I hate? I hate when I read shit like this and I’m all “Oh oh oh! Me too me too! I’m JUST LIKE THAT and I’ve got the blog posts to prove it!” but then I don’t want to say that or link to those old posts because (1) my old posts totally suck balls (not that my most recent ones are much better) and (1) because it would seem all self-promotion-y and maybe just a *little* stalker-ish, and I can joke about being an excellent stalker all day but I don’t need the world to know the reality of my stalker tendencies.

    So, yeah. I just had one of those moments.

  3. Bejewell 11.19.2009

    Also, I apparently forgot how to count to two. DOH

  4. Jettomatika 11.20.2009

    B:One and one adds up to two; I get you, girl. We, scarily, have many of the same tendencies and thought processes.


    A: Thank you very much.

  5. TwoBusy 11.20.2009

    Have I taken the time yet to express how profoundly grateful I am that you’re a part of PF?

    Probably not, but only because I suck.

    Anyhow. THANK YOU. You are entirely wonderful, and I’m thrilled to call you a friend, even if only in the imaginary sense.


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