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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 13, 2010 || 1:44 pm

haiti, oh haiti

I live a life of such privilege and good fortune.

Show me, oh God, where and how I might be of use to those in need.

Father, help us prove ourselves to be a world of compassion, gently and respectfully dealing with a nation so in need of that world’s service. Give us grace and provision and favor in helping to rescue, to redeem, to restore.

Amen and amen.

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  1. Chris Robinson 1.13.2010

    There are no words for this. The poorest are always the most vulnerable to disaster, natural and political.

  2. Jettomatika 1.13.2010

    I’m just aching for them.

    …and I feel so impotent in the face of it.

  3. Seaweed 1.13.2010

    You know how I am a sponge, or empath is the word I think you use. It is a painful time. I have a Haitian turkey I keep in my bedroom (that is not a joke but a real short story I will tell someday), it’s a carved wooden thing given to me about 25 years ago by someone from Haiti, and I have been holding it tonight and praying for them there. Other than give to the Red Cross, I can’t do anything else except tell other people to do the same . . .

  4. Emily 1.13.2010

    I’m new to your blog (saw you on thatschurch) but I also feel helpless and that makes me feel terrible.

  5. Bejewell 1.26.2010

    No words.

  6. muskrat 2.10.2010

    one of my friends just got back from there on a photography assignment. you should see some of the pics…amazing. he’s on twitter @jeremycowart if you want to see them!

  7. Jettomatika 2.10.2010

    Cool, thanks ’skrat.


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