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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 11, 2010 || 10:53 am

pecking that great dooryard in the sky

I am sad to inform you that the great fortunetelling chicken of lore, Bob Ross, has shuffled off of the yardfowl coil and now says the sooth at festivals of saints and the host in the great performance art farm beyond.

bob ross the fortune-telling chicken
:: bob ross the fortune-telling chicken ::

Bob was a good chicken, beautiful both inside and out: I myself witnessed how ingratiating he was toward children, how deft with putting strangers at ease. He will be missed.

From North Carolina artist Phil Cheney, fellow friend of Bob:

“He was the world’s oldest chicken at 20 years old. Born 1990 in Abbyville, Alabama, he was a show chicken, a White Crested Black Polish.

“Bob was a hit at numberous art festivals around the country from New York to California. He once made 364 dollars in one day in Birmingham, a quarter per fortune, that’s 1456 fortunes told in one day!

“Bob died in his sleep February 3, 2010 in Seale, Alabama.”

Godspeed Bob Ross, you old clucker you.

UPDATE: Your words of kindness and condolence will be passed along to the loved ones of Bob Ross, and perhaps even read at Doo-Nanny this year. Please stuff the comments full of messages of sympathy and hope; you might even pass the word along so that others can come here and offer tribute, as well.

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