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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 6, 2010 || 10:37 pm

“I know, I know, a thooousand questions. But first, the Tronya.”

I got the best score of my entire (narrow, haphazardly-approached) trading card purchasing career today:

ten whole cents for this trading card today (bargain of the century)
:: bargain of the century ::

This image, on a Star Trek card, for the tidy sum of one thin dime. It was just so horrifying and compelling and sheerly cheesy. Plus he’s wearing that sparkly blue getup.

“TEN CENTS?” I stood bug-eyed at the counter, “This thing is a marvel! I can’t believe you have it at all. I don’t know how it is that someone hasn’t snapped this amazing thing up!”

“I know, right?” said the salesgirl with the red shelf bangs and and the awesome knee-high boots. “Every so often I’ll go through the card boxes and sit the really crazy-great ones out front. I moved that thing up three months ago and nobody’s looked twice at it.” So great was her bafflement that her mouth hung slightly agape as she shook her head slowly.

That is because, oh cute and pop-savvy comic store girl, my dang guardian angel put blinders on everyone as they passed it. Jesus was saving that card for me. I now have one more life’s ambition: I need Clint Howard to sign this thing for me.

I was googling around trying to find a scan of the card (because, hello? LAZINESS.) to show you and I came across this tiny bit of magnificence:

I have never, ever seen this episode. Good Lord was I ever robbed.

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  1. Jettomatika 3.6.2010

    (suddenly I am craving pineapple juice)

  2. Seaweed 3.7.2010

    Suddenly, I am craving scotch. That was so creepy.

  3. redclay 3.8.2010

    ron howards brother. clint.

  4. Jettomatika 3.9.2010

    You must be drinking with Seaweed. I said that?

  5. Bejewell 3.10.2010

    This post makes me want a Tacky Pack SO FREAKIN BAD. I bet you throw stuff in like this. I mean, not THIS bad ass, because you’ve got to keep the best things for yourself, obviously. But if a Tacky Pack includes even ONE thing that’s even HALF as bad ass as this, I would be able to die with a smile upon my face should I be the lucky recipient of one. Shit. Seriously. GIVE ME A TACKY PACK WOMAN

  6. Jettomatika 3.11.2010

    Keep your eyes trained on this space. Even if, you know, they get all gummy or gluey or a bug flies into them.

  7. Jason 3.11.2010

    The creepy thing is that Clint Howard looks the same today as he did in that episode. Must be the tronya.

    (Also: when you watch it, you will have his voice stuck in your head, an endless maddening loop. “This is TRON-ya!”)

  8. tysdaddy 3.13.2010

    Me want Tronya for dunking my cookie!!



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