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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 18, 2010 || 10:44 am

twenty-eight cents

Every now and again, Tess and I will either make or buy postcards. We then bust out the Sharpies and get to writing. One card might bear a knock-knock joke, one might have a quote that inspires one of us, but most of those postcards are simply free-form good wishes and encouragement.

The addressees? Random people from the phone book. We just pick names and get to scribblin’. It sounds dorky –and it really is– but it’s a great deal of inexpensive fun, because Tessa and I both get verra, verra excited at the notion of this little surprise maybe making the day of a person we don’t know. At the very least, it’s a puzzle to the recipient, and mystery is sexy, yeah?

Now then: I want you to participate in this endeavor with me, and you don’t really have to do much at all in the way of work. Just drop the name and address of someone you want to bless with a surprise bit of postal encouragement into my comments or e-mail (which is linked to my name at the end of this post). Hell, it doesn’t even have to be the name and address of someone you personally know….you can just pick a person or two from the phone book in your area. I don’t care overmuch who we try and reach so much as I care about just putting some good vibes out there into the world.

In concert with this I asked Tess to pick an arbitrary number: “Seven-hundred and fifteen!” Well then.

The number I had her pick, before I told her about this project, was to be the amount of people I wanted us to reach….so now we have a goal of seven-hundred and fifteen people that we want to drop some postal lovin’ on. Um, guys? That means I also need help with getting the word out, because the more people that know, the more addresses I collect.

Look, just so you’re aware: I don’t run advertising on this site. I don’t give a shit about numbers or page impressions or whatever it is we as voyeurnallers are supposed to be preoccupied with these days. I just think it’s important to bless people, and I think that small blessings are imperative in part because they are like little stepping stones between the bigger blessings that many of us long to encounter. Other things I think are important are purposefully doing good and having fun.

It may not sound like much to most of the populace, but to some people, getting a piece of mail saying, “Hi. You matter, chief.” might make all the difference in the world. Tess and I are committed to doing a minimum of twenty postcards apiece per week. At that rate, given we meet our goal address-wise, it will take us roughly five months to complete this project. It will take around two-hundred dollars in postage (assuming that the bulk of addresses are in the U.S; this is not a requirement, however), a minimum of seventeen trips to the post office, and whatever coin the actual postcards we scout up or make end up costing.

All we need is a little help rounding up folk. Will you throw in a name and address and then pass the word?

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  1. Deb 3.18.2010

    Well you are brilliant and good. Remind me to tell you about my May day art project some day. Well, no big story, but one weekend a few years ago a little troupe of chicks, we made paper posies late into the night, wild looking things dripping with beads and tacks and lipstick kisses and whatnot, and left them on random doorsteps. Made us so very happy. But MAIL? Yes that’s good!

  2. Jenny, Bloggess 3.18.2010

    We don’t have phone books here. True story. Maybe because there are too many people here? I suck.

  3. angelynn 3.19.2010

    I love this idea. 715 people in 5 months is pretty amazing.

  4. Jettomatika 3.19.2010

    Deb: It’s like when women get together to be wicked, but with the benefit of uplifting someone….you still have all the fun, and it unites you in bonds of gleeful conspiracy. >:o) Doesn’t just the idea of that sound delicious? The application is even moreso…I love your description of your flowers.

    Jenny: That IS a big metro area. Who’d have thought they don’t have phone books? Wild. And you are probably the most exact inverse of suck I’ve ever known.

    angelynn: Thank you. Spread the word? I’ve had hundreds of hits on this thus far, but people have been timid about involving themselves, so as of this minute we only have about twenty names.

  5. Bejewell 3.19.2010

    So, okay, yeah. This makes me happy. I’ll think on it and send a few addresses your way.

  6. Elly Lou 3.19.2010

    So not to get all schmaltzy, but some people threw my name into something like this when I was going through chemo. These random cards would show up from people I’d never ever heard of and can I tell you? It was magical. Super nifty. I’m gonna have to scrounge up some names and email you.

  7. Jettomatika 3.19.2010

    You guys are AWESOME! The names aren’t coming in as quickly as I’d thought they might, but there has been a definite steady trickle.

    I think people might be afraid that there is a catch.


    We sort of need a PR miracle?

  8. Seaweed 3.20.2010

    Hah . . . I was just reading an essay tonight on another site. It carried the title “Hope.” I think you know what I mean, and I’ll be sending a few names and addresses your way. Great idea, and lemme know if you need help with it.

  9. trish 3.29.2010

    This is a beautiful idea. And interesting I haven’t read a post here in months and chose today to stop by and read. In addition to sending you addresses, can I send you some money for postage?

  10. Jettomatika 3.30.2010

    I’ll not turn away any addresses or any money for postage, if someone wants to include themselves in that manner. One other person asked if she could donate, as she’d sent several international addresses, and I told her yes as well.

    Addresses! Still need about six-hundred of ‘em!

  11. Deb 4.2.2010

    I’ve got about 50 for you. Do you work from Google Docs–send me your email, or should I submit them to you in another format? Do I have your email, don’t think I do? So email me at debontherocks at gmail and tell me what’s what.

  12. TinkerBell 4.14.2010

    Please send postcard to:

    Chad Bell

    706 Rosalie Way

    Winter Springs, FL

  13. Jettomatika 4.26.2010

    On the list to go out this week.


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