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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 18, 2010 || 1:49 am

I don’t necessarily have any regrets, per se, but sometimes I think it would be nice to flip back the top of my skull and take a gentle bleaching solution to certain things that have no business being up there in my brainstuffs.

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Hello there. I didn’t realize how much I would miss hearing your voice, you.

:: afternoon art: a lover’s letter ::

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  1. Deb Rox 7.18.2010

    Damn fine new digs you made for yourself. Damn fine indeed.

  2. Jett Superior 7.18.2010

    Lots and lots of help, which I plan to detail at length soon. Plus tweaks and stuff that need to be twuk as I go. But I was done sabbaticatin’.

    Thank you, laydeh!

  3. Kristine 7.18.2010

    Love this, love the new site.
    Love you. Smooch.

  4. Jason 7.18.2010

    You’re back! Thank God. Too much chaff out in the blogfields. I missed the wheat.

  5. Jett Superior 7.18.2010

    Kristine: I’m pretty enamored of you, as well. Thank you!

    Jason: I’m back! You’re kind!
    …but I absolutely know what you mean.

  6. becky 7.18.2010

    About damn time. :) Glad to have you back.

    Looking forward to hearing about the collab thingy.

    Pee Ess – Totally didn’t know that Jason reads you, too. Funny what you find on Twitter, eh?

  7. Jett Superior 7.18.2010

    As far as the collaboration goes, I prefer an easy-peasy pace. Maybe when we finish we can do a blog-raffle for a charity? Sell it in my Etsy shop for charity?

    I don’t remember who found who with me and Jason. I *do* remember that I landed on his personal site before I saw any of his other projects, and loved his writing. We are kind of cut from the same (or very similarly-woven) cloth and have a mutual respect society between us. >:o)

  8. scott 7.19.2010

    I’m here and reading. Thought I’d let you know. Thanks for letting me know you were here.

    Hello, Jett.

  9. TwoBusy 7.19.2010

    Man, this is sweet.

  10. Bejewell 7.19.2010

    LOVE it. And for the record I don’t blame that chick at all for scratching her boob in public. Sometimes you’ve just gotta SCRATCH, yo. First impressions be damned.

    Love ya, kitten. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  11. ramble 7.19.2010

    Gorgeous! I love the bombs and the new taglines.

  12. mommymae 7.20.2010

    there’s that pretty bald head with the green sprouts.! you might’n need to tweak that cigarette out of your mouth, dearie. ;)

    glad you’re up & runnin’

  13. Jett 7.20.2010

    Hello, everyone! Welcome!


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