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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 17, 2010 || 9:50 am

In the course of the last week, I’ve been informed that my husband and all his employees have a good chance of losing their jobs  in January.

In the course of the last week, I’ve been informed that my best friend in this world and her partner are likely moving just shy of four hours away from me. This, too, in January.

The last week can go fuck itself. As I am a cautious optimist (or an optimistic realist, whatever), the jury is still out on January. I hate to jump the gun and all.

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  1. Kate 8.17.2010

    I would like to kick January in its balls for you.

  2. Bejewell 8.17.2010

    Well, shit. Thinking about you, kitten, and sending many good vibes. If you need me, let me know.

  3. Rene Foran 8.17.2010

    Agreed. August pretty much can get fist fucked by an angry, oozing leper.


  4. Jett 8.17.2010

    Nah, I’m cool…just venting a little.

    Thank you, Nice Persons.

  5. Alias Mother 8.17.2010

    I was going to try to utter some words of comfort, but I cannot beat Rene, I don’t think.

    So instead I shall say: at least all the shite loaded itself into one week, eh? Instead of spreading it out? That’s something, right?

  6. TwoBusy 8.18.2010

    Ditto to Alias Mother. Rene’s comment may be the single most vile and awesome comment of all time. Well-played.

  7. leel 8.18.2010

    well, there is time to prepare, at least? no, that does not help. I’ll go with Rene up there. hugs.

  8. Chris Robinson 8.19.2010

    Well this is just miserable. If it is a matter of cosmic screwing, then yelling to the heavens might help. I’m afraid the problem has more human origins. Every time I hear about some executive bonus from the financial sector I just get steaming mad.

  9. René 8.30.2010

    Different René, same sentiment. Oh, Jett.

  10. Jenna 8.30.2010

    Fucking lame week. Sending you love XOXO

  11. V. 8.30.2010

    I can’t offer any more swear words unless you want to go into the seriously polysyllabic realm.

    I hope things work out, primarily on the job front. I was unemployed for a year. I got pretty damn good at the guitar and the baking of bread.

  12. Ann's Rants 9.2.2010

    Maybe none of this will happen?


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