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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 11, 2010 || 2:13 am

He says some great stuff, honestly. But my GOD man, I cannot stop laughing. I’ve hit a full-on Smedley over this video.

“I am Jack’s Big Fitness Outrage.”

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  1. Cheryl 9.11.2010

    If you’re his fitness outrage, I’m his worst nightmare. Everything’s bagging and sagging and drooping and it’s impossible to smile but I can still laugh like hell.

  2. Jett Superior 9.11.2010

    Cheryl, I had the Big Drunken Epiphany last night that every time “I am Jack’s….” was uttered in Fight Club, they are referring to Jack LaLanne.

    Oh, Jack, you sweet shoulder-padded fitness hound, you.

    (Also? I think you are quite lovely, Ms. Cheryl, you snowy fox.)

  3. sweetsalty kate 9.11.2010

    Fella is so totally a blogger.

  4. And he’s still smiling and wearing those wacky workout suits to this day.

  5. Seaweed 9.18.2010

    Um . . . I may or may not be living the natural way I should be living, but I am still smiling. Jack doesn’t know ME.

  6. Deb Rox 9.20.2010


    Jack sells a sort of Yummie Tummie product for men. My stepfather bought a few tanks from QVC a while back, and in retrospect it was a big old red flag of impending Alzheimers, but red flags are the hardest to see, except in that blasted retrospect. Also, now I am craving carrot juice.

  7. V. 9.21.2010

    I am and have always been Jack’s overwhelming indifference.

  8. Jett Superior 9.21.2010

    I miss you. I want to hug you and have you pat my head.

    Sentimentality is GROHHHHSS.

  9. Jett Superior 9.21.2010

    pee ess: why isn’t anybody going nuts over the shoulder pads? the shoulder pads made me lose it over and over.

  10. rebecca 11.9.2010

    The shoulder pads are…amazing. My favorite part of the whole video.


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