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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 26, 2011 || 10:19 pm

Sometimes a lack of humility creeps up my spine only to take root at the base of my brain and flower there. In the center of these flowers are fireworks of discontent and fury which –once the flowers reach their full self–righteous bloom– launch themselves into all parts of my headmeat, screeching and sending a breathtaking volley of majestic rage-colors all the way.

Then they magically transform themselves into sense-seeking missiles (that is, ‘common sense’, the thing my mother placed so clear an emphasis on when she chiseled away at raising me against the grain of my father’s egomaniacal urgings) and obliterate all manner of things that I was taught about issues like safety and personal decorum.

I am reckless with myself in these moments. In certain instances, I fully intend to be reckless with others as well. Most times, I do not. It’s in the shadow of the latter, when my nerves have stopped snapping static and a dull sorry ache has settled into me, that I find an uneasy quiet. In the center of that imperfect peace, that suspicious truce with self, I can feel the tug that predicates a subconscious hum. I listen for what follows, because it always follows….it always has, really, but over the years I have grown worse and worse at turning a mocking sneer toward it.

My insides are insistent: ‘I was made for love, I was made for love, I was made for love; foolish, fevered and gung-ho girl:

‘Let love win.’

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  1. Alexandra 1.26.2011

    Whew. I write like this in my dreams.

    I read this twice because I loved the feeling of power and surrender this post left me with.

    Thank you for this.

  2. Brynne 1.26.2011

    That made me smile.

  3. TwoBusy 1.27.2011

    The post made me sigh – a lovely, dipping, diving, soaring, screaming and tender butterfly path of language. And the tags made me cackle like a madman.

    My two favorite sides of Jett the writer, all right there in a neat little nutshell. Wonderful.

  4. Elly Lou 1.27.2011

    Dude. That’s about to be the best erotica story ever. :)

    Rock that lovin’, girl.

  5. anastasia 1.27.2011

    ‘foolish, fevered and gung-ho girl’ – you’re so my hero.

    (and I know the lyric is slightly different, but I appreciate that the final sentiment placed the thought of Lenny Kravitz roaring in my mind. mmmm.)

  6. Chris Robinson 1.28.2011

    I was thinking about you last evening, and then I wake up to this and the line about the “suspicious truce with self,” that gives way to a low level hum of energy far more powerful than anything physical (although it is felt corporeally). You expose yourself here and it is all light.

  7. Cheryl 1.28.2011

    You never cease to amaze me.

  8. Schmutzie 2.3.2011


  9. Holmes 2.10.2011

    The insides can be plenty push. This was fantastic.


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