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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 3, 2011 || 10:05 am

The afternoon my twelve-year-old explained the overall purpose of his spring-loaded pocket knife to my husband they were sitting alongside one another on the couch. Mathias had just ambled off the bus a handful of minutes before and was  busily working on one of his kanzanillion* comics when he asked Maxim if he could walk to the corner gas station for a soda. Maxim paused to consider this; apparently the pause was a beat too long,  because Mathias felt the need to sell the idea to his father.

“Don’t worry, I have my knife in my pocket.”

“Mathias, you’ve not been carrying that knife to school with you, have you?” He lifted his sweet round face to Maxim,  away from his latest doodle.

“No way! It’s not for school.

“It’s only for rapists and terrorists, Daaaaad.”

Sweet Muffinasses, I am obviously parenting The Child Whose Mother Worked For Social Services Maybe A Smidge Too Long.

*this is too a word. I know because I’m the one who made it up in two-thousand and nine.

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  1. leel 2.3.2011

    the FBI is so gonna flag your blog now. you have terrorists on the block!?! cool!

  2. Alexandra 2.3.2011

    Oh, I do the same thing to my boys.

    When I hear them say back to others one of the stories I’ve told, I just can’t believe it.

    Well, better streetwise than not.

    They won’t live with us forever.

  3. Cheryl 2.8.2011

    A smidge? More like a smoot.

  4. Chris Robinson 2.16.2011

    Oddly, I feel safer now.

  5. magpie 2.17.2011

    Oy. Just make sure he doesn’t take it out at school, ‘kay?

  6. Jett Superior 2.19.2011

    It says right there in the post that he doesn’t carry it to school.

    He isn’t allowed to do so by the school and he isn’t allowed to do so by us. Thus my husband’s question to him.


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