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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 24, 2011 || 10:27 am

My insides are really still right now, not expectant, not coiled and ready to spring nor steeled for a blow.

Since you are human, you must know what a treasure this is.

I’m just sitting in the middle of it, enjoying the simplicity of unfuckedupness. Rest here with me for a minute, here in the place where we don’t have to talk and we can just be. Eye contact isn’t necessary. Smiling is optional, but encouraged.

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  1. leel 2.24.2011

    sigh. smile.
    & thanks for the intro to a band i sense i might grow to love!

  2. EarnestGirl 2.24.2011

    I am listening as I type. Typing because it is your title which plucked the string: “i love you but it is complicated”. This is how I feel today, have been feeling for days on days, about online-ness.
    And now, now he sings “into the great unknown”, and another string thrums. you see, i am wondering if it is better to dwell there for now. pack up my words and get them off public spaces so I can better face the daily great unknowns. so in the end I can offer better words, collected and honed, and set them down carefully. so i can turn my face to the winds and feel less frazzled by their force. also in the hope of moments like yours, more smiling, more still-sitting.
    thank you for this little window of song & thought. you see? that’s the i love you part. but it is complicated.

  3. Cheryl 2.24.2011

    Drifting in the space between the trapeze bars and wishing the knots would uncoil.

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

  4. the mrs 2.24.2011

    I love the Dawmwells. If the unfuckedupness ever returns (which I hope it doesn’t), I highly recommend their song “Graceless” for such an occasion. (You know. A sitting in the bathtub for a second, with or without water occasion.)

  5. Jett Superior 2.24.2011

    @themrs Unfuckedupness needs to stay…it’s the fuckedupness that we hope to keep at bay.

    The Superior household claims, to a man, fame as being Damnwells fans from the first listen of their first single, ‘Sleepsinging’.

  6. Alexandra 2.24.2011

    Of all the perfect phrases you’ve chosen, above, “not steeled for a blow,” is the most precious gift in my life.

    It took me, sadly, years, to uncoil and be in that state.
    Long story: but just let me say, I love the phrase, “not steeled for a blow.”

    Thank you.

  7. Chris Robinson 2.25.2011

    Sorry, I can’t seem to stop now. The plunge has a momentum of its own, but I glimpse you on the way down and offer a quick wave.

  8. andrea 3.5.2011

    i LOVE the simplicity of not being fucked up.

    ’tis a rarity.

    i try to hold onto it like a pimp holds onto his prize winning whore when i am blessed to experience it.


  9. Bitchin' Amy 3.6.2011

    Thanks for the intro to this band… love it. Love it. Love it.

    And, I suspect for more physical reasons, I could write exactly what you did above and have every word be true. Sigh. Stupid guts and stupid health…

  10. Whit 3.10.2011

    Just being is so much better than awkward silences.


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