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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 30, 2011 || 6:06 am

I like Kevin a lot; he’s on the shortlist of people I’d like to step out from behind a keyboard and have a protracted conversation with me. I have a feeling that, within the space of three beers and one philosophical disagreement, I’d find his perspective indispensable.

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  1. Cheryl 3.30.2011

    Every damn thing makes my heart want to cry.

    Hey Kevin, you’re lookin’ awesome, my friend.

  2. Cherie Beyond 3.30.2011

    I’m, uh, not cryin’ or nothin’. There’s a little something in my eye and I just had a coughing fit and also my allergies are really bad right now is all.

    IS ALL.

  3. leel 3.30.2011

    well said. that kevin knows how to say it :) awesome!

  4. René 3.30.2011

    Kevin took the words right out from under me. You really are passionate about matters of the ass.


    BTW, I think commenting here might count as breaking Lent for me. Now what do I do? Stew in my guilt? (I’m a Lent newbie.)

  5. René 3.30.2011

    Maybe I have to start over. In that case I’ll see you all in May sometime.

    When Lent Goes Bad: The Fruityfantastica Story

  6. Jett Superior 3.30.2011

    (I love how, when the music starts, his puppy starts tailwagging and then, when Kev gets settled, he wanders away. Cute little unplanned punctuation on the piece.)

  7. What? You don’t think I trained The Murphinator to wag on cue for you?

    BTW, having spent three months shedding my winter fat (accumulated over about 12 winters, mind you — and thanks, Cheryl), I’m pretty much a lightweight these days. Beer and a half then BAM, I’d be under the spell. And probably you.

    Happy frickin’ birthday, youngster.

  8. jenna 3.30.2011

    I replayed that three times, laughing at that dog tail. Holy crap, I hope you did train him to do that. Way funny!

  9. TwoBusy 3.31.2011

    I’ve always thought Kevin was an assheart.

    Well-played, Mr. Uncool.


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