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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 26, 2011 || 7:07 am

Look. The only reason I asked Kristine to participate in my birthday carnival is because the girl is smoking hot and I’m starting the flattery now just in case I ever (decide to bat for the other team and) want to have a torrid and lusty affair with her one day.  Also, she is married to a Jarhead, and I want to remain in the Marine Corps’ good graces; since I am married and not allowed to sally about with various Corporals anymore this is the easiest way I know to do so. Um, oorah?

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  1. Silver 3.26.2011

    that was beautiful.

    Many happy returns of the day, Miss Jett!

  2. fridita (just a grrl) 3.26.2011

    Best birthday video EVER!

  3. Jett Superior 3.28.2011

    Thank you for stopping in, laydehs!

    …and thank you indeed for your goodwill.

  4. Alexandra 3.28.2011

    Oh, I should’ve listened to Kristine and grabbed the tissues.

    snarf, snarf, that was beeyyooooteeful.

    Happy Birthday, Jett Superior!

  5. TwoBusy 3.29.2011

    I can’t believe I just listened to an entire Kenny Rogers song.

  6. Jett Superior 3.29.2011

    I know, right?
    You feel dirty but uplifted. Is crazy.


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