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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 16, 2011 || 2:50 pm

A big bowlful of cleaning rags
–On a Saturday afternoon–
Caught me singing and daydreaming about
Who we once were:
I watched you smile and take nothing for granted.
You watched me birth our son.
Confidences were sowed, blessed to root.
There was growing up to be done,
There was striving to be done,
There was a level peace to be had.
God the Holy Spirited Baby Jesus
Was in all of that somewhere, burbling,
Shaking the rafters with angels stomping.
Ohhh, the banjo twanging! and great
Streams of electric guitaring! and the
Low-moan wail of the kudzu souls gone on.
A four-cornered jubilee of just
endless indoor campout.
You, and me, and three, and that’s what.
That’s every bit of what.

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  1. Chris Robinson 4.18.2011

    “The Robinson Chapbook” has an awfully nice ring to it. I’m just plain honored.

  2. leel 4.19.2011

    “all of that”

    that’s my title suggestion.
    i have to go re-read it again now….

  3. Holmes 4.27.2011


    Actually, I don’t like that suggestion much, but I liked this piece of work. Do it again :)

  4. bejewell 5.1.2011

    Best last line EVER. Now I just love you even more.


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