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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 3, 2011 || 10:38 am

(all apologies to both Ann and Beej, but man, I whooped it up on my birthday and then I took a six-hour nap yesterday and so now their posts get stacked in one entry)

I first noticed Ann across a crowded internet because of her spectacular bangs and a look of bliss on her face. This little glimpse of her was via a picture, and in it she was dancing. The thing, though, is that she was different from all the other dancers I’d seen (via, yes, pictures) at this party in that everything about her said unselfconscious and completely sold out to the moment. If any of you knows a dang thing about me, then you know I love that sort of person, so I went to her website and told her I thought she was a little slice of heaven. Since then she has decided she’d like to be my friend. (And yes, Ann, I do have to Google and thesaurusize from time to time, but don’t tell nobody)

Happy Forty, Jett!

You are La Isla Bonita. And this is my Spanish Lullabye (ever-so-lightly inspired by The Material Girl).

Y yo te amo [hijo te amo? Eeeeooo Te amo?]…Tropical the island breeze, all the nature wild and free…

Now, Jett, you would never write “tropical the island breeze” because that makes no fucking sense, does it Jett? I guess if it had a comma “tropical, the island breeze” but that is forcing the words to fit. You don’t force words to fit, you make words SAMBA.

It’s possible that I don’t have the lyrics 100% right, because I did not go and Google them as I normally would. Do you know why I did not go and Google “My Spanish Lullabye” Because I have this feeling Jett, that you never have to google or thesaurus-size your posts. Your vocabulary, Jett–it’s formidable. You can get a way with phrases like “as it is wont to do” and no one will go “well lahdeedahdeedah…

la la la la la-ah, tropical the island breeze, all the nature wild and free, this is where I long to be

La Isla Bonita.

What I am telling you in this Spanish Lullabye is that your words give me pause. They make me stop and read each and every goddamned one. Which after 2.5 years in blogland I’m no longer wont to do. See? “wont to do” is clearly not my San Pedro, Jett.

I love your words. I want to be where the sun meets the sky, when it’s time for siesta you can watch them go by on your blog. I love your style. I love your authenticity.

Have a great birthday and a fantastic year.

A young girl with eyes like the desert
Okay a middle-aged woman with brown, the eye color is.

Bejewell is a badass. A compassionate, hilarious, dorky, good writer of a badass. She’s teeny and foul-mouthed and hot and sensitive. She once mailed me Fonzie, and no one can pick a Christmas ornament like Beej can pick a Christmas ornament. Oh man do I ever love her. She says to stand in front of your mirror and perform this aloud, like spoken word. I totally did, but I drank a six-pack first. I give you permission to, as well.

Jett the Superior

The old lady’s name? Well her name, dear, is Jett.
She’s sharper than a Gillette.
I can’t think of anyone else
I would rather Aid and Abet.

Sometimes she’ll send me a letter and I’ll
Break out in a clammy, cold sweat.
If she told me to march I would fall right in line
Like a hungry new freshman cadet.

She’s Classic–  like a shiny silver Corvette
Or an old-school 80’s cassette.
She’s brie on a toasted baguette.
Crepe Suzette.
An IBM floppy diskette.

Sometimes she’s louder than David Arquette
With a tiny touch of Tourette,
But her writing can leave me as sated as if I’d
Just smoked a post-sex cigarette.

With one post she can make me feel powerful, strong –
An inspired
and wired
Her stories make me forget
and reset
And help me let go of regret.

There’s no one I’d rather sit down with to have
A hot cuppa or long tête a tête
She’s a much badder bad ass than bad Boba Fett
And her whole blog makes my panties wet.

Happy birthday, dear Jett. 40? Yes, but don’t fret.
It’s just red in this game of roulette
And for you, a stack of blue chips I would bet that
Still coming’s the Very Best Yet!

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  1. Bejewell 4.3.2011

    Can’t think of anyone I’d rather be paired with. Well, except YOU, maybe. XOXOXO

  2. Ann's Rants 4.3.2011

    “brown, the eye color is”

    You should not have let me take credit for that.


  3. Alexandra 4.3.2011

    Jett, 40 is so young.

    So young to be as grown up as you are.

    You are grown up enough to not act that way.

    I think that is the charm.

    Happy Birthday!

    And I do love all your friends.

  4. Cherie Beyond 4.3.2011

    Oh, ladies, much applause.


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