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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2011 || 10:02 am

There are lots of things I haven’t talked about in this space lately. LOTS. There have been so many changes to my life and my internal workings in a very short amount of time. I’ll get to those things in due time, I reckon. Right now I want to talk about something that happened yesterday.

Yesterday found me traveling around Facebook a little bit. I don’t do this very often. Truth be told, I hate Facebook a really, really lot, and that’s why those of you that have friended me on there don’t see me there much. (GO TEAM TWITTER!)

Despite my hatred of it, though, I have two accounts and one is devoted to friends and family. Some of you know this, because you have me friended on both accounts, which I hope at the end of the day isn’t weird for you…..or boring, as there is duplication and overlap. A funny aside is this: My friends Rod and Megan, who just so happen to be married, each follow one of those accounts and not the other. This makes me laugh.

So I was on the more private of the two accounts and about to drop a message on the wall of a childhood friend when I noticed a name at the top of my screen: It was Mike Ess. Of course my eyes did that big cartoony AOOOOGAH thing and I was immediately presented with an opportunity for unnecessary indecision and angst.

Which meant, of course, that I was presented with the opportunity to crowd-source Twitter in a completely inappropriate and overly emotional way. Hahaaaa, what a dick, right?

That’s the thing, though: I own my dickishness. I’ve always been big on accountability, as long as I can remember. “I did that, and I am proud/not proud (circle one) of it.” I’m bold as the day is long in that department. One thing that has never come easy to me, though, is apology.

I have been working the shit out of my apology muscles the last five or six years. It’s not always enough just to tell people that you were wrong. Sometimes they need to hear the amends. Sometimes, whether we know it or like it or not, we need to hear them, too. It settles something in our souls, it fills in a divot that we yanked out in our wrongdoing.

It fundamentally fixes shit in a way that I can’t properly articulate, you dig?

So I was all, “AhMahGah, panic-panic, I have this opportunity I wished for, AhMahGah, do I jump on it?” That has, dear Muffinasses, been a recurring theme as of late. You think I’d get it without having to sit and navelgaze after the fact, like now.

A couple friends were all like, “Stupid. I love you so much, but you already know the answer.” And so I sent a message to Mike Ess.

Hi there Mike….

I don’t know if you remember me, but we went to school together at Greene as kids. I’ve wondered about you on and off over the years, and I happened to stumble across your profile because we are mutual friends with K on here.

Sometimes I think about the fact that I wasn’t always very nice to you, and I want to take this opportunity to apologize for that. I’m sorry for any way that I treated you unkindly. I really did like you; I thought you were interesting and unique.

I hope this finds you well.

I logged in this morning to find this:

Hi Jett,
I do remember you. I hold no ill feelings toward you at all. I was not one of the popular kids in school……a little geeky actually. You were always nicer to me than most, I thought you were cute actually….maybe had a crush on you at one time.
I have since school been in the Army as a Recon Scout for the 1st Cav division, got my medical assisting degree and raised a couple of awesome kids…….never had luck in relationships so I stay single most the time. LOL……just like school I guess. : )
You owe me no apology for anything done as a kid, but thank you.It shows you are a wonderful person……I always thought you were.

For all the ways that I try to be cognizant –I mean really awake– and self-aware, sometimes I wonder if I know anything at all about myself, you know? Am I as lacking as I think I am? Do I give myself enough credit? More importantly: Do I give myself too much?

Thank you, Michael, and all the people like you, who are far more gracious than many of us would be were the situations reversed.

Thank. You.

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  1. TwoBusy 11.14.2011

    That is an awfully, awfully sweet story. I’m so happy (for him and for you) it resolved the way it did.

  2. the muskrat 11.14.2011

    I think this is awesome. I would’ve been a pussy and not written anything, I’m sure, but you already know that I shy away from uncomfortable decisions.

  3. Cheryl 11.15.2011

    You done good. I’ve never had a sincere apology rebuffed. It’s always brought closeness that didn’t exist before.

  4. René 11.15.2011

    Grace given and received. The best kind of story.

    Love to you.

  5. René 11.15.2011

    …and to Mike.

  6. Chibi Jeebs 11.15.2011

    Dammit, Jett! You made me cry. AGAIN! You have such a fucking amazing heart, woman. Don’t ever forget it.


  7. When I see other people reflect me back I am often surprised.

    This is such a great story and a good lesson. I’m glad you apologized even if it wasn’t necessary to him, it was for you.

  8. Holmes 11.21.2011

    Apology and forgiveness are two of the most powerful forces for positive change we have at our disposal. This is a great story.

  9. Mr Lady 11.22.2011

    One of my most favorite things about you is how you totally own the whole of who you are. You might be the only person I know who’s mastered that art, and I totally admire that in you.


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