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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 2, 2012 || 3:52 pm

Look! There is an American football-thingy this weekend! Sometimes people make an abundance of snacky-type foods and pile people into their living rooms for this yearly affair. This year I won’t be having my typical get-together, so the next best thing is to randomly post my favorite salsa recipe on yon internets.

We have this joint that is an hour away, and coincidentally is in the Big City where Maxim works. The long and the short of it is, they are a sit-down place with no drive-thru and my beloved got sick of stopping there after work. He got into the kitchen to figure out their Magical Salsa-ey Concoction so it could be made in fourteen-gallon batches, effectively shutting me up and wowing all people that happen to circle the Salsa Trough with me.  Okay, here we go:

Best! Salsa! Ever!!1!

+ 32oz (4 cups) peeled, diced tomatoes (we’ve used both home canned and commercially canned maters and both are a-okay)
+ 1 tbsp salt (sometimes I dial this back a little, but not much)
+ 2 tbsp white vinegar  (you also can use the juice from a jar of sliced jalapenos)
+ 2 tbsp lemon or lime juice
+ half of one medium onion, diced smallish
+ two to three cloves of garlic, depending on their size
+ one bunch of cilantro

Throw everything but the garlic and cilantro into a bowl, mix together well. Peel and dice the garlic; stir into the mix. Take one-half to two-thirds of the cilantro (depending on the size of the bunch, really), chop the leafy parts up well (but don’t pulverize them or nothin’), including their stem portions and then stir that cilantro in.

Ta-daaaa! You’re done; so simple. You can eat it straight from the bowl after prepping and it’s delicious, but if you’ll refrigerate it for a few hours –or even a full day!– it becomes phenomenal, and that’s all anyone can ask for in a salsa. We usually consume what we make within a week, so I know it’s refrigerator-stable for at least that long.

GO TEAM WHICHEVER YOU’RE ROOTING FOR. I don’t have a dog in this year’s fight, but I’d like to hear who you have your money or heart invested in.

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  1. Cheryl 2.3.2012

    The word around these parts is everyone’s doing it different this go ’round. If they had a huge party last time the Pats & Giants met, no party. No party last time, big-ass party this time.

    Boston fans are the strangest people in the world . . . if you exclude NY fans. Gonna be a fight to the death. I’ve got my heart invested in no one getting badly hurt. (Go Pats)

  2. Lynne 2.4.2012

    This is not an advertisement at all – you know me. But if you visit my (lately very neglected) site, you’ll see I’m rooting for a player rather than a team. I agree with Cheryl – let’s just hope no one gets hurt. I’ve spent every Sunday this season with the hubby watching the games, but this is his traditional annual “boys will be boys” weekend with his high school buddies. I’ll be home alone watching, thinking of Evan, you and your Dad, and others I love.

  3. EarnestGirl 2.5.2012

    One day we will have a Super Bowl of salsa. Due to not-dissimilar salsa desperation, I have developed my own version. I’d like to see them go HEAD! To! HEAD!

    Kapow! *Graphics of tomatoes smacking together* Dramatic swell of music & thunderous applause. *cilantro falls like confetti*

  4. Jett Superior 2.7.2012


  5. Andrea 2.13.2012

    The best part about the Super Bowl this year were the beergaritas I drank all day.

    It’s pretty much the best part about every Super Bowl, actually. Your salsa would have been perfect had I not been full of beergaritas.

    On another note…

    I was sent a “Challenge of 3″ from another blogger, and linked your blog to my “3″ blog post. If you want to pass it on, grab the Big 3 from my blog and post three things about yourself. It’s like a chain letter. It is. I won’t lie.


  6. Summer 2.16.2012

    I’m comin back for this. We bathe in pools of fresh salas over here

  7. m 2.23.2012

    Not on the twitter myself but see you are looking for wildflower seeds. Amazon has bulk and shaker cans.


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