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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 26, 2012 || 4:29 pm

I have read your words a thousand times / All inspired by smashed up love and crime

// Tired Pony, ‘Dead American Writers’

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1) Hello.
2) It’s time again for Doo-Nanny. HELLS YEAH SON.
3) A Canadian is downstairs. The internet intersects with life and it works.
4) I got nominated for Voices of the Year. You can see the piece and vote here, if you so desire.
5) Things are happening. This year aims to be triumph and tragedy hammered together in a manner that might leave everyone wondering which is which. For some reason, I am grinning out of one side of my mouth at the notion of this. Adventure. The first-quarter prediction is that 2012 has a whiff of adventure about it.
6) I know so many amazing people, I swear to God.
7) Over the next few days I’ll be driving around Hellabama in a gold GMC pickup. Wave and holler if you see me; we¬† can clink beers and grin for a little bit.

Today I feel like ‘amen’ is being breathed all over me, if that makes any sense. I hope you have a day like this soon.

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  1. Cheryl 3.26.2012

    Been following the doonannigans on the Doo page. Looks like rip-roarin’ fun. Have yourself a lo-fi good time!

  2. TwoBusy 3.27.2012

    A day like that sounds really, really nice.

    Hope it’s the first of a nice, looooong streak of similar days for you & yours.

  3. the muskrat 3.27.2012

    I voted for you, because 1) I like your stuff and 2) I figure this is the ONLY way I’ll get you to go to a BlogHer and finally meet my glorious self.

  4. duff 4.2.2012

    Voice of the CENTURY! They need to qualify that moniker. ahem.
    May the spirit of Strummer and Ramone guide you safely to your rockin’ good time in your gold truck.
    Avoid the common vices of lawers, guns and money and substitue with lots of iced tea, spiritual gurus and the barter system.
    Have fun xo


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