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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 28, 2012 || 9:47 pm

Let’s try a little something. It may come up boon and it may come up bust-ass, but I’m always willing to try something new. So are most of you, you fetching little adventurers. As far as I know, I’ve never asked this question, and may never ask it again:

What do YOU want me to write about? What sorts of things would you like me to voodoo out of my pen?

I’m not stuck for topics or stories, but I’m curious to know what you, as my audience, would like to knock over in my brain so that it seeps everywhere. Excluded are those of you that would just simply like to knock me IN my brain. To you special folk I would say: Take a number, champ, and I hope you brought a stool, because the line is hella long.

Hey, here’s some music. Get up and boogie around the room. Shake your troubles loose, mighty Muffinass. Roots rock is our salvation, I’m convinced.

Well, roots rock and Jesus. Haaaallyloo!

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  1. Lynne Ann 4.28.2012

    I don’t know if I’m fetching folk or not. But I would love to read your thoughts on the future.

  2. Silver 4.29.2012

    The topic isn’t the thing that brings me here. It’s the style. You could write about sitting in traffic and the way your words take macro pictures of the moments makes the whole thing mindblowingly cool. It leaves people like me thinking, “Man, I want to sit in traffic like that too.” or listen to the tinkling swirl of keys in a bowl. or anything. Just write.

  3. Brynne 4.30.2012

    Tell us more about your family. Where did your people come from? What did they do? How did they come to live in Teh South? How did your parents meet?

    I love your stories about the past. I love _all_ of your stories, really… but if I said “TELL ME ABOUT ALL THE THINGS”, it would kind of be counterproductive. Hee.

  4. EarnestGirl 5.1.2012

    How about books that have seen you through Trying Times?

    I never ever tire of booky talk and there are some that have been crutch, poultice, balm, solace & shelter at different times for different reasons.

    (packed in my Adventure Bag: Kingsolver’s everything-is-connected fiction Prodigal Summer & her essays for when everything seems hopeless Small Wonder. Selected Anne Lammot. Maria Kalman’s illustrated anything for her jaunty perspectives, Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing, lately Atwood’s poems too…)

  5. JMH 5.11.2012

    The contents of your refrigerator. Or pantry. Or cellar. You know, wherever you keep things you might eat. Because, as we all know, you are what you eat.

    Here’s a question: If you eat part of yourself, say a finger, does it grow back? And can you keep yourself alive by eating nonessential parts of yourself? Cannibalism, write about cannibalism.

  6. Ellie 5.23.2012

    For what it is worth, “I wanna scuttle a ship lost in a sea of truth” and “junkyard kings and their ersatz queens” have stayed with me since I first read them. Telling you what to write feels pointless and condescending. Tis so much more fun to see what spills out of you without prompting (prompting from your audience, that is).

  7. Jett Superior 5.24.2012

    Thanks for your honesty, Ellie.


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