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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 20, 2012 || 7:45 pm

Guys with guitars will always get laid; it’s a law of the universe. If you’re not a musician? Easy: Be a passionate lover of music and come equipped with the right song. You’ll always get laid, too.

I first heard Half Moon Run’s ‘Full Circle’ a couple of weeks ago; it was one of those pulled-up-short moments where one minute I’m cruising down the road, hunting a picture or a bargain or some peace, take your pick. These days I’m happy with any one of the three.

Okay, then, back on track: That next minute consists of me being in the parking lot of the janky (but useful!) quarter car wash, scribbling lyrics as hard as I can because KAPOW this song has hit me in the guts and the brains and the past and the heart all at once and I’m immediately sucked in and possessed.

Some people are not moved by music, not at all, and when I hear this admission I feel like I could not be shocked or disturbed more if This Soulless Entity were to grow a third arm out of their forehead. That sounds overwrought and angsty, yeah? Well, it apologetically is. In fact, I’d probably feel more comfortable in the presence of Armed Forehead than in that of This Soulless Entity.

It’s that dramatic. It absolutely is. I stand by the term ‘possessed’.

So this song gets all inside me and it rattles around and I ask Uncle Google about Half Moon Run and their music, specifically ‘Full Circle’. And then, there is this video,

which is just so many ways enchanting and exactly right. The first time I saw it I was taken with the notion of the lead singer’s bottom lip and how I felt like it needed biting. For the record, I felt that way up through the fifth viewing, too. It was the fifth viewing that called up an additional notion that says I’m so voodoo-ed by the video because I’ve spent more than one afternoon rehearsing or listening to others kick some music around and that kind of thing is such a beautiful, intimate space to inhabit (even if there is someone in the band who’s prone to throwing things, and then it takes on a whole different vibe that is no less cool but potentially bloody). When you witness the birth of an amazing song there is this powerful moment that you’re locked into, whether or not that song stays there –in the room or the truckbed or the garage or laying in the bed of the creek it first floated across– with the few or spirals out and thirty ears hear it, a thousand, three-billion.

I imagine that this is one of those songs that, when it started pushing its way past vocal cords and fingertips, made itself known as something singularly great. I bet every hair stood at attention. I know this because I can’t stop singing it in my head or under my breath and it’s not driving me nuts to do so.

In the past week I’ve been enthusiastically pointing ‘Full Circle’ out to anyone who will listen, because I can’t possibly the only one who is knocked the fuck out by it. Also I would like the comfort of knowing that I’m not the only dirty old(er, AHEM) broad out there who’d take a tumble with two-thirds of this band if I weren’t spoken for. And hell, if the other guitar player would comb his hair, I’d be all over that, too.

(pee ess….leave me some knockout music in the comments;  what has you all fixated and squirrelly? doesn’t have to be new, just has to be amazing)

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  1. JMH 7.20.2012

    Full circle — like an owl, yes? Good song though. I will add to my iPod pretty much any song that a good writer recommends. It’s like wearing someone else’s clothes (there’s magic in it, though I do stay gender-appropriate, whatever that means).

    A suggestion: “Take It On The Run” – REO Speedwagon. I’m laughing, but not ironically.

  2. ramble 7.20.2012

    Possession by music is the best kind.

    This lays me out on the floor:

    And I sing this all the time when it gets too quiet:

  3. Jett Superior 7.20.2012

    I take it more to mean the inside of someone’s head rather than the outside: They explore the boundaries of addiction or mental illness or just another personality entirely (while loved ones stand by, helpless to really do anything) before swinging back around to who they once were. Or a version of it, anyway.

    That Bad Religion, they rattle my cage all the time and I don’t listen to them NEAR enough anymore. Thanks for that PP&M vid; so delicious.

  4. the muskrat 7.22.2012

    I like it…glad you shared.

  5. Holmes 7.24.2012

    That’s a pretty amazing song. And since Bad Religion got brought up, their song “Sorrow” has always moved me.

  6. ramble 7.24.2012

    You’re very welcome :)

  7. Dawn B 8.1.2012

    Okay, I’m gonna have to come back and comment about the music because I’ve had to pause that video 3 times now due to interruptions by these people around me and the phone! rude. But you mentioned the soulless entities who are not moved by music and I experiences something similar recently. I was reading a book in the car before one of my son’s volleyball games. Another mother came by to chat and was astonished that I was sitting there in the quiet and reading. I asked if she read much and the answer was not a simple “no” but more of an “oh my god, I would never do such a thing!” What. The. Hell. I mean sure, some people aren’t “readers” but this was something so much more than that! I was gobsmacked. And apparently I’m still not over it. //end rant

  8. All the things you said. Oh god, yes. Except no-one prolly needs to brush their hair…

    But yes, not moved by music???? What even????

    Here is my submission for music that moves me..


  9. onie1inobie 5.10.2013

    Love Full Circle, and sing it constantly. Will wait in the car until the song is finished on the radio, even though it’s on my phone and can listen anytime. Another one that has got me at the moment. See link:



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