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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 24, 2012 || 2:50 pm

SO, I just applied for some work (I think that was what I was doing?) with this experimental magazine, and they asked the awful ‘tell us something about yourself’ question. Here is my answer:

“When my Mother was weaning me from the bottle, she slowly disposed of all of them until I was down to a single one that I apparently wagged around everywhere. To break me of the bottle once and for all, one day she opened up the screen door and threw my last one out into the back yard. Just as it landed, a stray dog came along and picked it up, then trotted off with it. She said I never gave her any shit about wanting it back.”

I forgot to add the part about how it was my way to pitch fits when I felt strongly about something, but that –even at the tender age of sometime-less-than-two–  I know a sign of importance when I see one.

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  1. Hired! But then I fear you.

  2. Jett Superior 9.24.2012

    I bought a fresh pack of pencils yesterday in anticipation of a change. When do I report, Kev?

  3. Cheryl 9.24.2012

    Anyone who doesn’t hire you for a writing gig is a not merely a fool, s/he’s a damn fool.

  4. Jett Superior 9.24.2012

    Putting that on my CV, Cheryl. I can quote you, yeah?

  5. the muskrat 9.25.2012

    Let me know if you need a reference.

    And as an aside, if that bottle had Basil Hayden in it, I would’ve chased down that mangy cur and had my way with the bottle in reunited bliss. But that’s just me.

  6. Jett Superior 9.25.2012

    I like how you just discovered Bourbon and now you’re all-in.

  7. JMH 9.26.2012

    Amazing! I wonder what the dog thought. Probably something like “Object! Food? Get!” And all the while unaware.

    Of course I’m largely unaware of anything Larger than me. I have a notion sometimes, a cosmic feeling in the back of my brain, a slowing down of things. But no, I am not aware. I don’t know who is, except maybe for several people in India or Tibet.


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